University student goes viral after revealing she doesn’t known how hot water bottles “work”.


A UNIVERSITY student who thought hot water bottles heated themselves up is taking the internet by storm.

The advertising student messaged her flatmate to ask why her new hot water bottle wasn’t working.

A baffled Josh Moody, from Glasgow, was informed by Megan Ellis that she had put water in hours ago and the bottle still hadn’t heated up.

Josh shared a screenshot of their conversation on Twitter with the caption: “My flatmate ladies and gents…” The post has had 36,000 likes since it was shared on Tuesday.

The 20-year-old bought Megan a hot water bottle to stop her complaining about feeling cold and save on heating bills.

Josh (left) shared the messages Megan (right) sent which revealed she didn’t know how hot water bottles work

Her message to him read: “The hot water bottle you gave me doesn’t work. I put water into it like two hours ago and it’s still not heating up.”

Josh replied: “Did you heat the water up before you put it in?”

Megan, also 20, replied: “I thought that was the bottle’s job?”

Josh’s tweet now has over 36,000 likes

Reaction on social media ranged from CRE Mullins writing “Genuinely quite angry at this” to Nunupie admitting: “I used to think this too, shame I must confess.”

SushiRollPhan asked: “Had he never done a hot water bottle before? He’d never had a cold or a tummy ache?”

While Maestro wrote: “I’m shocked.”

Jac Lucas said simply: “Oh my god, hahahaha I canny breathe.”

Josh bought Megan the hot water bottle (pictured) in an attempt to cut down on heating costs

Josh said today: “It was actually me that bought the hot water bottle because she was always complaining at how cold our flat was. I thought it would be a good way to save money on heating.

“When I saw the text I thought she shouldn’t have moved out of her mum’s house if she didn’t know how to work a hot water bottle.”

When asked what Megan thought about the tweet going viral, Josh replied: “She thinks it’s funny how big it has become.”