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News"Some people have no shame". Thieves raid stall run by enterprising girl,...

“Some people have no shame”. Thieves raid stall run by enterprising girl, seven

A LITTLE girl is heartbroken after “lowlife” thieves stole money and hand-made bird feeders from the stall outside her house.

Enterprising Ocean, seven, sells free range eggs and other fresh produce outside the Lockerbie home of her parents, Amy Henderson and Jonny Smith.

Her joiner dad even constructed a special wooden stall for Ocean – often accompanied by her sister, River, eight months – to use for her retail venture.

But heartless crooks drilled into a metal money tin to steal £5 in cash and grabbed all the goods, including hand-made bird feeders.

Social media users have slammed the thieves as “lowlife b******s” and “disgusting”. Even police commented that the raid on Monday night was “depressing”.

Thieves stole £5 and hand-made birdhouses from Oceans stall at the end of her garden

Amy, 33, posted pictures of the emptied stall to the Pink Water Facebook page yesterday (TUE).

She wrote: “So this morning we discover someone has stolen everything that was on the girls’ stall, and burst open their money tub, which only had a few egg boxes worth of money in it as Ocean empties it daily. All the bird feeders that were left have also been stolen. Some people have no shame. It’s something for our kids.”

Amy added: “Surely no one travels this far out to steal £5-£6 and some bird feeders.”

Amy said today: “Ocean is now feeling scared because she feels someone is going to be outside. The girls will continue to sell fresh produce from the stall, it’s just a shame at such a young age they have to learn how nasty some people can be.”

The “lowlife” thieves broke into Oceans money tin and made off with a measly £5

The 33-year-old added that the idea for the stall came about after the family decided to sell eggs. Amy added: “They also sell fresh fruit and veg – all of which Ocean grows herself.

“For Christmas the girls are selling wooden reindeers with lights. It’s based right at the end of our garden. We have an locked money box bolted to the stall, with prices of what the girls sell, all of what they make pays for after school activities and food for the chickens.

“We started Pink Water as with living rural there isn’t much for the kids to do. So to teach the girls the value of money and the benefits of hard work we set up Pink Water. It’s a way to get the girls out of the house rather than sitting on the iPad.”

Ocean (7), with occasional help from her sister River (8 months), sell free-range eggs and other fresh produce from their stall

On social media, Ashleigh Mccaig wrote: “Lowlife b*****s.”

Angus Hoban commented: “Terrible, who would rob from innocent children? I am saddened to hear this.”

Linda Johnstone added: “Absolutely terrible, it must be someone from that surrounding area as it not a place you just pass.”

Constable Bob Dickson, from Lockerbie Police station, said: “We have received a report of theft and damage to the Pink Water stall and would ask anyone who may have any knowledge of what has happened to contact us at Lockerbie on the 101 number.

“It is really depressing that those responsible would stoop this low to steal and cause damage to what is an enterprising venture for the girls involved. I would hope that anyone in the community who has an inkling of who is involved gets in touch with us.”

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