Obsessed train fanatic, 4, given ultimate birthday surprise – a ScotRail themed birthday party


One of the Scotland’s youngest railway fanatics who spends every weekend watching trains has been given an adorable birthday surprise.

Four-year old Leo Fernon, who has loved trains since he was barely a year-old, was given his ultimate gift by train operator ScotRail at the weekend.

The youngster from Motherwell, North Lanarkshire, spends almost every weekend riding around Scotland in a train one or watching them fly by.

After learning of his love for railways, the train operator sent Leo a bundle of gifts for his birthday on the 26th, including posters, water bottles, stickers and free ticket to anywhere in Scotland on the service.

The little boy’s love for the machines began when he was just one years-old watching Thomas the Tank Engine, according to his mum.

Since then he actually prefers to watch YouTube videos about trains rather than watch the TV.

Lucy Fernon, 31, said that she realised his love for trains during a trip to the zoo when he was a toddler.

She said: “I think his love for trains began through watching Thomas the Tank Engine, he would be asking his daddy ‘what type of train is Thomas?’.

“We also took him to the zoo on a train when he was around one and he was desperate to get back on the train, he loved them that much.

Leo’s cake sent to him by ScotRail.

“He spends every weekend with his granny and she takes him to the train station and he spends two -three hours watching the train or an all round journey.

“There’s a bridge at the bottom of the road along from our house and he watches the trains from it.

“He knows every train that comes along. He knows all the parts of the train and even corrects me when I’m naming them.

Lucy, a student mental health and forensics nurse, continued: “It was my partner Andrew who got in touch with ScotRail and he was asking if they had an online shop to buy merchandise from for Leo’s birthday.

“He sent along a photo of Leo standing next to a ScotRail train and explained how much he loved them.

“We then received an email from them saying they would be sending out a package for his birthday party.

“They sent out water bottles for every child at the party, posters, stickers, frisbys, windmills, name tags and the woman who sent it even made “magic tickets” for the kids.

“Leo was so emotional when he seen it all, he was so happy. I twas absolutley amazing, we didn’t ask them to do it.

“I was sobbing and crying when I seen it arrive, I knew he would love it.

“They even gave him a volunteer vest which he’s already put up in his room.”

Leo with his mum, Lucy, looking at trains.

The cute birthday surprise has gone viral after Lucy thanked ScotRail on social media.

She wrote: “My boy has a love for ScotRail. Knows all about their trains what every part is called etc. He asked for a ScotRail birthday party, [I] thought how on earth can I do that?!

“Andrew emails ScotRail, explains about Leo sends some pictures. Few weeks later he receives an email saying there are putting together a package for Leo.

“Nothing prepared us for what came! All this plus another three bags full of stuff for his party & the other kids! Frisbys, windmills, name tages,tickets,posters, stickets.

“Not forgetting the trip we can take for free! I was actually crying thinking how happy Leo is going to be. ScotRail trains are his fave things ever!

“He is going to be amazed. I really Can’t thank you enough scotrail. You have made a four year-olds dream party come true memories forever.”

The vest that ScotRail sent Leo.

The posted has been liked by over 350 social media users with douzens commenting on the message.

Fiona McKinnon said: “Brilliant, Lucy. Will give Leo some great memories.”

Gemma McEwan wrote: “This is brilliant. My son is the same and loves the trains.”

Andrew J Lloyd joked: “A ScotRail birthday party?! Was it cancelled with five minutes before it was due?”