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NewsFamily of Daniel Perry have no confidence accusers will be tracked down

Family of Daniel Perry have no confidence accusers will be tracked down

The furious uncle of a tragic Scottish teen who took his life after being blackmailed by cybercriminals has said he has “zilch” confidence in the authorities.

Daniel Perry, from Dunfermline, Fife, jumped off the Forth Road Bridge in 2013 after falling prey to an online scam where he believed he was chatting to an American girl his same age.

A recording of their Skype chat was used by a group of scammers to blackmail the 17-year-old who threatened to share the footage if he didn’t pay up.

The threats proved too much for the popular mechanic who took to the bridge that same evening and never returned home.

Inquiries by Police Scotland revealed an electronic online trail, which led to the Philippines and links to organised crime groups there.

Since the tragic incident happened four years ago, the Philippines have elected a new government and new President.

Speaking this week his uncle Ron Reilly has said he feels that search for Daniel’s feels like “one step forward, half a dozen back”.

The Mr Reilly, who runs a garage in Edinburgh, said: “The Philippines government changed and now we’re going backwards not forward. This government is a lot less helpful that the last government.

“It feels like one step forward, half a dozen back. Everybody is trying to sweep it under the carpet.

“Nothing against our guys, the police and lawyers, but our confidence of the Philippines helping is zilch at the moment.

“It was going in the right direction, now we’re going in the wrong direction. They’re not helping at all now.

“The new President is not interested. If they wanted the trial out there I’d go out there. If they don’t help we’re going to kick up up a stink.”

Daniel Perry

In 2013 Mr Reilly revealed how he went to Daniel’s bedroom on the night of his death and found his laptop showcasing the sickening scam that led to his death.

The sick scammers apparently told the teen he “would be dead” if he didn’t give in to their demands.

At the time Mr Reilly said: “We found his laptop, it was still on and the last page he was on was open.

“I saw a picture of a girl who looked 16 or 17 and she was very pretty.

“They had been typing and swapping pictures with each other.

“Their relationship, if you can call it that, was more chatroom orientated, they were writing to each other a lot.

“It was a financial scam, the girl wasn’t real, then they have demanded money from him.”

Daniel Perry swimming with dolphins

In 2014 Daniel’s mother, Nicola Perry said: “The manner of Daniel’s death is every parent’s nightmare.

“If we are to make sure that no other parent or family member loses a loved one in the way we lost Daniel then people must take care when talking to others online and not share intimate pictures or personal information that could be used against them.”

A Crown Office spokesman: “A warrant has been issued for the arrest of Archie Gian Tolin in connection with the death of Daniel Perry.

“Steps are now being taken to enforce that warrant and secure his extradition from the Philippines.”

Speaking about sextortion in Scotland, Assistant Chief Constable Mark Williams said:

“Sextortion and the sexual exploitation of children and young people online, often through the use of photographs, is a real threat that is increasing as more victims come forward and report it.

“We are bolstering our child abuse investigation and cyber crime units and investing in technology to support their work and I want to encourage anyone affected to report it to us. We will treat your report seriously and with sensitivity.”

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