Monday, May 16, 2022
In Brief"Strictly 2018" - Adorable moment elderly couple filmed dancing to Dean Martin...

“Strictly 2018” – Adorable moment elderly couple filmed dancing to Dean Martin in shopping centre

“Strictly 2018” – AN ADORABLE video shows the moment an elderly couple shared a special moment by dancing to Dean Martin in a busy shopping centre.

Eleanor and Les Stockan asked performer Lewis Carroll from integrated stage school Music 4 U to play them a song during their visit to Aberdeen Trinity Centre yesterday.

The 20-year-old sang You’re Nobody til Somebody Loves You by Dean Martin so that the adorable couple could dance away like no one was watching.

With Lewis’ dulcet tones heard in the background, the couple can be seen swaying across the floor arm in arm, with Eleanor singing along.

The couple from Northfield, Aberdeen continue to sway back and forth, clearly enjoying the moment with grins spread across their face.

A group has gathered next to the dancing couple and other passers by can resist a watch.

Debbie Kirkness, Director at Music 4 U, captured the heartwarming moment on
camera and shared it on their Facebook page.

The original video has been viewed 40,000 times and shared 372 times.

Social media users have flooded the post with lovely comments.

Tanya Shirreffs said: “Eleanor and Les. They love dancing. Hope I’m still in love like they are at their age. This is my mum’s partner mum and dad.”

Valerie Huggins said: “My cousin Eleanor Stockan and her husband Les from Northfield. Wonderful to see this.”

Diane Cormack said: “Aww how lovely is that – what a beautiful moment.”

Rhea Ford said: “I’m actually crying this is so sweet.”

While Alan Higgins suggested that the couple might appear on TV screens next year, saying: “Strictly 2018.”

Gail Yule added: “Awww lovely. Would love to see more people dancing in the centre.”

Speaking today, Debbie Kirkness said: “It’s a lovely moment. It caught all of us by surprise and I’m so glad I acted quickly enough to get it on video.

“It’s had such an amazing response.

“We’re an integrated stage school, 40% of our young people are supported and we integrate them with the other 60%. We promote young people who have an affinity with music.

“Lewis is an amazing singer, he loves old style music and swing stuff. Dean is one of his old favourites.

“The couple stopped and didn’t want to move on. They asked him to to play something they could dance to and he chose that and they loved it.”


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