Batman, Dracula – or just a goth? Speculation rife over “cloaked” figure on fairground ride


DRACULA, Bruce Wayne and a Harry Potter wizard are among the identities suggested for a mystery man captured enjoying himself on a swing ride at a Christmas market.

The dark, sinister figure, throwing his arms out on the fairground ride as his coat billows out behind him, has sent social media users wild with speculation.

Ryan Allan, from Glasgow, captured the moment at the city’s Christmas market in George Square, on Friday afternoon.

The apprentice electrician uploaded the video with the caption: “Just spotted Batman in the Christmas market.”

The three second clip, which has had 25,000 likes and 8,300 retweets, begins with the man throwing his arms out into the air as the swings rotate.

He appears to have made sure not to sit on his jacket and let it billow in the wind instead.

Hilariously, the crowd of people below don’t appear to notice the man.

Social media users have gone wild for the short, but entertaining video, and took wild guesses at the mans identity.

Laura Clark wrote: “I can’t stop picturing Alfred standing just out of frame shaking his head like ‘Master Bruce, please’.”

MrASquared_ added: “Bruce Wayne needs fun sometimes too.”

Frankie wrote with certainty: “That’s batman, mate.”

Another version of the video, uploaded by Oot Yer Nut at T, was captioned: “Goths are a different breed.”

But Billy’T moved the debate on to Harry Potter, writing: “That’s not a goth, it’s a Death Eater.”

Harry commented: “I feel like they should have some Harry Potter music on.”

Daniel Jackson added: “It’s the part of Harry Potter where they all turn into Harry and fly away, but that one is Mad Eye Moody.”

Batman, Dracula or Harry potter wizard? Social media users had plenty of theories about the mans identity

While Matt Boyer joked: “Count Dracula or Count S**gula, am I right?”

User Shan said: “This made me laugh way more than it should have.”

While Ashley Whiteway suggested: “Add Hans Zimmer music and it’s perfect.”

Speaking today (TUE), Ryan said: “I saw him out of the corner of my eye and realised it was a ‘happy goth’. I thought of a caption instantly and recorded it.

“From what I know, it was just me and some friends who saw him at the time.”