Gaming website ridiculed after referring to Peter Capaldi’s “thick Highland accent” as Doctor Who


SCOTS have mercilessly trolled a gaming website after it claimed Peter Capaldi’s Doctor Who had a “thick Highlands accent”.

The actor will give up the role this Christmas after four years portraying the Time Lord in his native Glaswegian accent.

Games Radar, in an article about Doctor Who accents over the years, wrote that several have “been allowed to freely retain their own homegrown dialects (including Peter Capaldi with his thick Highlands accent)”.

Twitter user Leo Miklasz posted a grab of the article introduction with the caption: “Love to hear Peter Capaldi’s ‘thick Highland’s accent’”.

Leo then joked in the comments: “He’s from Bishopbriggs, which is in the far, far north.”

Games radar were mercilessly trolled after posting the article

Other social media users were quick to jump on the post and share a joke.

Naebd wrote: “Hillhead – it does sound like it’s high up.”

Jo: “Originally from Springburn went to st Teresa’s school possil#thickpossoaccent.”

Joel Cooney joked: “[EXTREMELY DORIC ACCENT] Dr. Wha.”

Chris Ward suggested: “Maybe he meant Hyndland?”

Angus. commented: “Affa bricht on galifey ih morn, ya ken?”

Comradeigvan mocked: “Fae the frosty glens of Glasgow?”

While Andy M said: “Great actor, but his accent is as ‘Highlands’ as Dick Van Dyck’s was cockney.”

The offending paragraph which caused hilarity among twitter users

The article, written by Alex Ward, was uploaded to the gaming website yesterday (DEC 5).

Showrunner Stephen Moffat revealed in a magazine interview that Jodie Whittaker’s next Doctor would have a strong Yorkshire accent.

When Peter Capaldi’s first episodes of the Doctor aired, many viewers complained they had trouble understanding his accent.

Fans, from both the US and the UK, claimed they had to turn the subtitles on while they got to grips with his voice.