The Holy Toast: student shares hilarious theological debate with Christians after toastie order


A STUDENT has shared his hilarious theological debate with a Christian group – conducted by toastie.

The Christian Union at Aberdeen University offer a Text-a-Toastie service which allows students to ask questions and get their answer delivered with a snack.

But James Donaldson was astounded when his very cheeky series of questions, combined with changes to his order, received a handwritten reply tucked in with his toastie.

The Christian Union at Aberdeen University offer a Text-a-Toastie service

Texting the phone number on the advert, James asked: “What ethnicity is God? Cheese, ham and bean please.

“Like we are made in his image, but my mate’s black so which one does he look like?

James’ cheeky texts to the union

“Also, does God have a wife? Or a husband, I don’t judge. Wait, never mind. Cheese ham and bean please mate.

“I noticed beans not on the menu anymore. Just cheese and ham bud.

James, from Aberdeen, concluded: “Also, does God like toasties?”

The toastie along with the reply James received to his questions

The 24-year-old posted an image of his texted questions along with a shot of the tin-foil wrapped toastie and note he was amazed to receive an hour later.

Writing back in a hand delivered letter, the Christian group answered all of James’ questions apart from the one about God and toasties.

They wrote: “God does not have an ethnicity as he is not human. But it’s important to mention that he manifested as Jesus who was a Jewish man from the Middle East.

“In Christianity we believe all people are equal despite gender/ethnicity.”

Answering if God is married, they wrote: “God has neither a wife or husband. God is not a human.”

An impressed James wrote online: “Christians are sound as f**k”

Speaking today about the delivery, James said: “To be honest I thought they’d ignore it. It was freezing cold by the time I got it though.

“It took an hour, so I thought it wasn’t coming at all. Two people showed up at my door, handed me the toastie and left without saying a word.

“They seemed nervous.”

Reacting to the post, @Vinnykinny wrote: “Answered by a 12 year old as well, that handwriting is shocking”

@jeenmcilroy said: “Churches always do the best toastie btw”

And @jaffaacakes asked: “Do they deliver to the Sir Duncan Rice library?”