Fitness instructor’s knee swells to size of tennis ball after slipping on flour at Aldi


GRAPHIC pictures show how a mum’s knee swollen to the size of a tennis ball after she slipped on flour while shopping at Aldi.

The images show how Katrine Emerton suffered severe bruising to both legs following the incident which left her unable to walk for several days.

The 33-year-old fitness instructor said she had accepted a compensation payment from Aldi following the bizarre accident at their store in St Andrews, Fife.

Katrine, from nearby Leuchars, fell so hard on both knees that she developed a haematoma – a solid swelling of clotted blood within the tissue.

She has been off work for over a week as a result of the “constant” and “unbearable” pain caused by the accident on December 1.

Katrine’s knees a day after her horrific fall in Aldi’s St Andrew’s store

The mum-of-two was loading her groceries on to the conveyor at the checkout when she realised she had forgotten an item and decided to quickly grab it.

As she turned a corner, Katrine’s feet suddenly slipped beneath her and she fell with full force onto her knees. When she got up there was white flour covering the floor, her jeans and boots, which Katrine believes to have been flour.

Katrine claims staff showed no interest in her accident and she was only able to hobble from the store with the help of a friend.

By the second day, Katrine’s knee was swollen and her doctor believes she may have a haematoma

After returning to the store later in the week to fill out an accident form, the 33-year-old said she has heard nothing from the supermarket chain since.

Katrine took a series of photographs to capture the progression of her injury.

A day after the fall. Katrines knees were covered with bright purple, green and yellow bruises but by the following day her right knee was grotesquely swollen to around the size of a tennis ball.

Katrine is a fitness instructor and the injury left her unable to work

Katrine said: “I am struggling to walk, even now. There is a constant pain but when I walk the pain immediately increases and becomes unbearable after just five minutes or so.

“The school run is a nightmare trying to carry my two-year-old. The worst part is that fitness is my career and my hobby. I run or exercise every day and I’ve been unable to do anything since, which makes me very miserable.

“I went to work for the first time last night as I have already lost too much money from not working, as I am self employed. But I was unable to do demonstrations in the class which was unprofessional and awkward. I can’t believe that a fall could cause so much inconvenience.”

An Aldi spokeswoman said: “We are sorry to hear of Ms Emerton’s experience in our store and are in touch with her.”