Saturday, August 13, 2022
NewsMoment daredevil takes on 550-metre zip wire in a snowstorm

Moment daredevil takes on 550-metre zip wire in a snowstorm

A DRAMATIC video shows an adrenaline junkie zipwiring through a snowstorm at 40mph.

Daredevil Jim DeBank took on a 550 metre zip wire at Zip Trek Adventure Park near Aviemore in the Scottish Highlands on Friday.

The head cam shows Jim’s incredible view as he was pelted by heavy snow throughout the exhilarating ride.

The park was shut to the public because snow and ice had to be cleared from the rides but Jim couldn’t resist having a go.

And Jim, the park’s zip manager, captured the journey for almost a whole minute while he’s harnessed in and gliding high above the snow encased trees below.

When he finally gets to the end of the wire Jim turns the camera round to show his face looking absolutely freezing while covered in snow.

Despite being brave enough to tackle the conditions, the adventure park, which is open all year round, had to close to clear snow and ice ready for the next day.

Jim posted the clip on the park’s official Facebook page on Friday, writing: “A bracing trip down our longest 550m wire in a snowstorm!

“We’re closed today while we clear the snow and ice from the zip park ready for the weekend.

He then added the tags: “#humansnowplough #hyperspace #zipline #snow #visitcairngorms #visitscotland”

First person point of view of the zipline at Zip Trek Adventure Park

The video has attracted over 75,000 views on Facebook alone and hundreds of comments from fellow thrill seekers.

Deanna Hamrick wrote: “That looks scary and amazing!”

Dave Harling said: “Looks awesome in the snow.”

Anne Blaylock wrote: “Love the face at the end – looks freezing!”

And Natasha Spicer said: “Woah freezing , will be a laugh though,”

Zip Wire Adventure is the UK’s first zip wire park and is based on the Alvie Estate near Aviemore.

The park has 14 zip wires over a 2km course including their biggest one – the 550 metre long wire featured in Jim’s video.

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