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Moment tailgating BMW driver comes within inches of car in front on M8

SHOCKING footage shows a tailgating BMW driver on the M8 come within inches of the car in front.

Despite travelling at around 50mph on a badly-congested motorway, the reckless motorist at one point swerves towards the middle lane in an apparent bid to undertake,

The minute long clip, filmed on the westbound M8, has led road safety campaigners to brand the driver “stupid” and “dangerous”.

The clip, filmed on December 4 by a passenger who wishes to remain anonymous, begins with the BMW in front.

As the car pulls into the left lane, behind a lorry which can be seen in the distance, the BMW can be seen creeping closer to the Fiesta in front.

The BMW then speeds up to get closer to the car in front and appears to try and undertake.

However, the driver pulls back but continues to drive closely to the Fiesta – almost bumper to bumper.

Suddenly, the car pulls out into the middle of the motorway, but then swerves back into the right hand lane when they realise they can’t get past.

As the clip ends, the BMW driver can be seen getting closer to the Fiesta again.

Luckily nobody was hurt as a result of the incident.

BMW tailgating a Ford Fiesta on the M8

A spokesman for SWD Media, who obtained the clip, said: “Tailgating is one of the most dangerous and stupid things you can do whilst driving – especially at those speeds.

“Anything could have gone wrong and this could have ended up in a catastrophic incident.

“It’s not like the white car could go anywhere given he had a car in front, too.

“Hopefully the BMW driver is dealt with before he makes a wrong move.”

In 2014, road safety charity Brake reported that six in 10 UK drivers owned up to risky tailgaiting (57%).

They explained that by driving too closely to a vehicle in front, drivers leave themselves far too little time to react in an emergency, and risk devastating crashes.

In 2012, there were 88 deaths and 654 serious injuries on UK motorways.

A spokesman for the AA said: “It’s a pretty clear case of intimidation, and rank stupidity.

“The car being tailed is going as fast as the 4×4 in front of it. Even if the black car got past, it would then have to hang behind the 4×4.

“In the end, the overtaking traffic passes the slower vehicles. It’s a situation that is happening right now at scores of locations on motorways and dual carriageways across the UK. More intelligent drivers know that they have to be patient.

“The black car’s driver adds to the danger by swerving in front of the car that has moved into the inside lane … not to mention that one his brake lights isn’t working.”

The terrifying moment the BMW attempts an underake

An RAC road safety spokesman said: ““Tailgating and aggressive driving is a menace which puts lives at risk.
“It is even more frustrating when one driver appears hell-bent on intimidating and endangering other drivers when you can quite clearly see a long line of traffic ahead.

“There is little law-abiding drivers can do in the face of such ‘bullying’ tactics other than keep your focus on the road ahead and move out of their way when safe to do so. Put your own safety and that of your passengers first.

“Regrettably such crimes like many other motoring offences go largely unpunished because there are simply not enough roads policing officers to make their presence felt on UK roads and to detect and catch the perpetrators of dangerous driving behaviours.

“The number of dedicated traffic officers has fallen by over a quarter over the last ten years and 62% of drivers say they believe that there are simply not enough to keep our roads safe.”

A Police Scotland spokesperson said: “Anyone who wants to report criminality on the road can do so by calling Police Scotland on 101, or contacting the charity Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.”

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