Sunday, July 3, 2022
NewsMoment couple appear to perform sex act in restaurant - just feet...

Moment couple appear to perform sex act in restaurant – just feet from staff

A COUPLE have been caught on CCTV appearing to perform a sex act in a restaurant – just feet away from staff.

The clip was filmed in Times Square, a bar and restaurant in Glasgow city centre, and uploaded last weekend.

The CCTV footage shows a man in a red t-shirt leaning back in a booth before a blonde woman appears from behind a lampshade.

Suddenly, she lowers her head and the man places a hand on the back of her head while she apprears to perform a sex act on him.

An unidentified female staff member can be seen walking past in the background of the clip at one point, but doesn’t appear to notice what the bawdy pair are up to.

Alexander Cavan, who states on his Facebook page that he is a former employee of the bar, uploaded the clip to a private social media page.

He can be heard calling the pair “dirty b******s” as he films the CCTV clip on his mobile.

It is not known when the CCTV, filmed in the restaurant area of Times Square, in St Enoch’s Square, was recorded.

Alexander Cavan uploaded the video to Facebook with the caption: “What’s the weirdest thing you’ve ever thrown someone out for?

“For context, this is a restaurant on a weekday at about seven.”

On social media, Sean Bennett commented: “Who said romance was dead?”

Colin Irving added: “Fair play to them.”

Nevets Richtee joked: “Glad to see my dad’s taking the divorce well.”

Paul Montgomery said: “Hope you let them finish first. That’s just rude.”

While Christopher Saynt said simply: “No way.”

The shocking video was captured in Times Square, Glasgow city centre

Former staff member Alexander Cavan confirmed that the video was filmed in August this year. He said: “It was a Monday at around 7pm which is what made it all the more shocking.

“Myself and the staff knew something was going on but we didn’t know the extent until we checked the CCTV.

“We told them that we were closing that area off in order to get rid of them, checked the CCTV afterwards and saw that.

“If I had seen it earlier they would have gotten the boot. It was two random customers.”

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