Moment Glasgow street rave joined by violin player in black cab



A BIZARRE video shows the moment a violinist in evening wear joins in a Glasgow street rave – from the back of black cab.

The clip starts with a crowd of revellers dancing in St Vincent Street while Fatman Scoop’s ‘Be Faithful’ plays.

But the camera pans round at the end of the clip to show a man in black tie sitting in the back of a taxi and playing along on his violin.

Ryan Flanagan, 21, from Baillieston, Glasgow, posted the video to social media where it has been retweeted 2,000 times and liked over 5,000 times.

In the clip, Ryan shouts: “What the f***?” and turns his phone round.

Professional fiddle player Adam Sutherland – the Scotland Trad Awards’ composer of the year – is seen playing along.

Ryan moves closer to the car to give a better view and asks: “Are you serenading me? Is this me getting the taxi for free?”

Others can be heard laughing while he adds: “Are you taking me to bed?”

The taxi then pulls away and a disappointed Ryan shouts: “Here, big guy”, after him.

Speaking today (WED) Adam, 38, who runs his own fiddle schools in Glasgow, said: “I quite often decide just to ask the driver if they have any tunes they’d like played. It brightens up the drive.

“I was playing the Game of Thrones theme tune just before this video. I was having good craic with the lady, she said I was really nice and she was just a warm taxi driver.”

He added: “Then we were just driving down the street and saw people dancing. It was her idea, she was like ‘I’m going to pull over’.

“You can’t hear but I was just jamming along with the tune that was playing. I thought I’d try and wind up the guys that were there.”

Ryan said: “I didn’t really know what was going on when I turned round. We were going to Central Station at the time so the boys were kind of spread out up the street and two of my mates are dancing in the video.

“My mate was the one who seen him first and shouted on me to turn round and I was already videoing on my Snapchat.

“A few people started coming up to the window once they seen me videoing it.”

Adam Sutherland – the Scotland Trad Awards’ composer of the year – playing the fiddle in the back of the taxi

Social media users were loving the video and voiced their approval.

One said: “Where else do you get a guy in taxi playing a violin at silly o’clock in the morning while a street party is going on #findviolintaximan.”

Another said: “I’m p** myself.”

Kayla Osborne said: “Imagine that after every night out.”

Adam replied to some of the tweets coming forward as the mystery musician, and also retweeted the video saying: “Busted playing fiddle in a Glasgow taxi.”

Cat Foster told him: “You sir, are a legend.”

Seylan Baxter added: “Love it.”