American comedian films himself snorting world’s hottest chilli for Facebook stunt-Viral Video News


An American comedian has posted a shocking video of himself paralysed by pain after snorting the world’s hottest chilli powder.

Brian Waterberry, 53, inhaled a line of Carolina Reaper chilli for a Facebook stunt.

The Carolina Reaper is the current Guinness World Record holder for hottest chilli with a Scoville scale rating of 1.5 million – compared with a jalapeno’s score of 2,500 to 5000.

The video has been viewed 2.8 million times and 12.5 thousand people have commented on it.

The video begins by panning across the table where Brian has laid out a rolled up ten dollar bill and several of the chilli’s with a line of their powder in the middle.

He then shows a close up of of the packet the chilli’s came in to verify they are Carolina Reapers.

Brian then snorts the power and spreads some of the remains on his gums.

The remaining 40 seconds of the video is Brain writhing around in agony in between him playing air guitar along to Eric Clapton’s Cocaine.

Immediately after snorting the powder, Brian shows a close up him grimacing and showing his bloodshot eyes.

Brian Waterberry - Viral Video News
A close up of Brian Waterberry after snorting Carolina Reaper chilli powder

He then shows himself playing the air guitar to the background music, seemingly over the worst of the pain, only for the next shot to be Brian lying face down on the ground.

The stunt pulled by the comedian generated a lot of reaction online.

The comments left under the video all wanted to know Brian’s thought process. Victoria Lullo simply asked: “Did he die?”

Avi Bess said: “See that’s why I refuse to be a vegan. It starts out innocent, eating salads, thinking you’re better than everyone else.

“Then those doses of veggies don’t do it for you anymore now your snorting pepper’s and injecting kale. I’ve seen it destroy families. Veganism, not even once”

Brian Waterberry - Viral Video News
Brian Waterberry lying on the ground in agony

Jason Soto posted: “Quite possibly, and I don’t say this lightly, but quite possibly the absolute dumbest person I have seen on the internet. Ever.”

Bryan Bolen posted: “Had to watch the video twice before noticing he snorted a Carolina reaper, was too busy looking at that badass mullet.”

Brian, from Lansing, Michigan, today (fri) said: “I just do these videos for fun. And snorting that pepper was like snorting the clap.

“It hurt for an hour or so. Think I’m gonna snort dried bird s*** next.”