Gerard Butler gives US a guide to Scottish slang classics


HOLLYWOOD hunk Gerard Butler has explained Scottish slang classics – including “jobby”, “bawbag” and “haud yer weesht” – for a US audience.

The Glasgow-born actor recorded the funny clip for fashion magazine Vanity Fair yesterday for a segment aptly named Scottish Slang with Gerard Butler.

In the clip, Butler, who was raised in Paisley, Renfrewshire, introduces his tutorial while traditional Scottish bagpipes can be heard playing in the background.

The Olympus has Fallen actor then explains the meaning behind several popular Scottish slang words.

Speaking in his strong Scottish accent, the 48-year-old says: “’Baccy’. Tobacco. Either chewing or smoking”.

“‘Haud yer wheesht’ means shut up, which is probably what I should do right now as I’m killing my career one moment at a time.

“Um, ‘bevvy’, a drink. Let’s go for a bevvy”

The Olympus has Fallen actor then explains the meaning behind several popular Scottish slang words.

Explaining a less common term, Butler says: “’Air beige’. Okay, air beige is a fart” while generously offering sound effects while acting out the gassy gesture.

He continues: “’Bawbag’. ‘Aye ya wee bawbag’ is a scrotum. Means you are a scrotum.

“’Steamin’. One of our 100,000 words for being drunk.

“’Wee bit’ means ‘a little amount’ you know, like, ‘were you drunk?’ or ‘were you steamin’?’, ‘Ach a wee bit’.

One of the most enthusiastic moments comes when the 300 star explains the meaning for “Gaun yersel”.

Shouting at the camera, he says: “‘Go on, you can do this!’, it’s a sign of encouragement. Not something you often get in Scotland.”

“’Ocht, yer bum’s oot the windae’ means you’re talking nonsense, yer bum’s oot the windae.

“’Bonnie’ is maybe my favourite Scottish word, you say bonnie Scotland or a bonnie wee lass. It means lovely, beautiful, sweet.

“‘I’m getting the messages’ means I’m going shopping. So I’m going to the shops or I’m getting the messages because normally when people go shopping somebody writes it down for them so they literally have it in message form so they go and they go to the shops and go, all right potatoes, all right, carrots, all right, turpentine.

“’Jobby’ means sh**. The sweetest name that you could ever have for a sh**, jobby.”

Butler then bursts out laughing before he can be heard saying “I found that funny” as the clips ends.

The hilarious video has already attracted almost 400,000 views and thousands of comments from fans.

Vera Sideraki wrote: “Please, more Scottish Slang with Gerald. Every day. All day. It’s like a palate cleanser for our Trump-related desperation.”

James Knight said: “I could listen to him doing this JOBBY for hours!”

Apoorva Pushp wrote: “I’m sorry can you please repeat that I was too distracted by your face.”

And Linda Affleck said: “Hearing Gerard Butler say bawbag just made my day.”