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NewsScotRail launch investigation after passenger films water pouring through refurbished carriage

ScotRail launch investigation after passenger films water pouring through refurbished carriage

SCOTRAIL are investigating after a shocking video emerged showing water pouring through a refurbished carriage.

Laura Neilson captured rain pouring through a trains carriage on Tuesday and posted it on Facebook.

The video, posted to ScotRail’s official Facebook page, was captioned: “Was drier before I got on the Edinburgh to Glasgow Central train yesterday.

“Trains and service are a disgrace.”

It shows heavy and regular drips of water appearing to emerge from several spots near the ceiling lights of the carriage.

It is unclear what is causing the leak in the modern-looking carriage but underneath the lights there appears to be a large wet spot on the floor.

It is believed the clip was filmed yesterday (tue) when heavy rain affected much of Scotland.

But ScotRail have admitted that the modern-looking carriage in the clip is refurbished.

A ScotRail spokesman said: “Our on-train engineers are investigating this complaint.”

Scotrail hiked the price of peak travel by 3.6% this year despite a litany of complaints about poor service.

According to the website, Scotrail have already apologised 920 times this year on social media, which is an average of 39 a day.

In December it emerged that Scotrail sat a disabled girl in a dirty old carriage meant for luggage and bikes but she still had to pay full price.

Murrin Widely was travelling with her family to the Christmas markets in Edinburgh from Perth and Kinross and needs a wheelchair due to her spina bifida.

Murrin and her family were placed in a dingy old carriage despite the train being nearly empty.

The carriage lacked any safety features and they had the doors locked behind them by staff.

Water leaking out of roof on a Scotrail train

The same month, it emerged that Scotrail were putting other passengers in carriages with no seats. Scotrail told Fife travellers that it was a “loco-hauled service to provide extra capacity”.

The carriage was a guard’s van with no carpet but a stained dirty floor and was used in peak times for extra capacity.

Laura Neilson said today: “The water only came in drips throughout the journey then when the train brakes it starts pouring through either the strip lights or the light fixtures.

“My guess would be that the water is pooling on the roof of the train and then moving when the train brakes through a failed seal – given that this happened along the length of the carriage i doubt it’s just one area that there’s a gap or hole.

She continued: “I’m surprised that Scotrail think it’s ok for water to be running into the carriages as long as it’s not through the light fittings? Maybe free umbrella with your ticket?

“I’d love to be able to say I was horrified but like most Scotrail users it’s just a defeated shake of the head at yet another massive failing.

“I’ve given up complaining because they just don’t care – if you try and complain to the staff at the station it’s apparently nothing to do with them and you have to complain to the call centre.”

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