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NewsGerard Butler congratulates the Spartans (from Britain's Got Talent)

Gerard Butler congratulates the Spartans (from Britain’s Got Talent)

GERARD Butler sent a well done message to a group of young Scots gymnasts – called Spartans.

Spartans Resurrection, a gymnastics display team from Dunfermline, made it to the live semi-finals of Britain’s Got Talent in 2016 and recently proved a big hit on a visit to Gran Canaria.

Butler, who played the Spartan king Leonidas in the movie 300, tweeted: “Just read about this army of Scottish gymnasts called the Spartans, who invaded Spain for a competition and basically kicked some a**.

“Where were you guys when we were making 300? We might have won. Makes me proud to be Scottish. Well done lads. Spartans, prepare for glory.”

The group replied: “Huge thanks to @GerardButler for his kind words on Facebook and Twitter.”

Scots star Butler congratulated the Spartans on twitter

And member Murdo MacLean wrote: “So grateful to Gerard Butler for acknowledging us Spartans Resurrection Display Team.

“This is huge for us and would love for an opportunity for the team to meet with you, maybe even get you in one of our displays.”

The team travelled to the Canary Islands for a festival and proved to be a hit with locals – featuring in newspapers and local radio and being swamped by people wanting to meet them and have photos taken with them.

On social media, Steven Sanna said: “Have to give respect to a great group of dedicated hard working young people on this one. Leonidas himself would be proud to see them carry the name Spartan.”

Another user added: “Us Scots are the best.”

However, some were keen to question his use of the word ‘lads’, pointing out that there were girls in the photo.

One said: “There are lassies in the photo also.”

Another added: “Not only lads Ger, some lassies too.”

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