Tuesday, August 16, 2022
NewsSuperbowl fans try to read Scottish tweets

Superbowl fans try to read Scottish tweets

HILARIOUS video captured American super bowl fans struggling to read out Scottish tweets.

They struggle to pronounce “yis”, “aye” and “ar******s”, alongside other rude words that are rife on Scottish twitter.

Many of the participants in the quirky video looks completely confused, with one man barely being able to pronounce any of the words at all.

A few of them can barely keep themselves together, and burst into laughter halfway through reading out some of the tweets.

Betting company Paddy Power put the video together ahead of the Super Bowl showdown between the New England Patriots and the Philadelphia Eagles.

The two-minute long clip begins with one man struggling to pronounce any of the words in one tweet – except “Who’s your daddy?”

The video then shows some more American football fans trying to get their heads around the Scots dialect.

They struggle with hilarious tweets such as: “Why does someone not know how to flush the toilet after they’ve hud a s***? It wasn’t me. Well it wis f****** one aw yis….disgusting.”

Instead of “one aw yis” (one of you) as pronounced in Scots, one American pronounces it “One aw wis” and another man looks perplexed by the whole tweet, looking up at the reporter in confusion when he finishes reading it out.

Another hilarious tweet that American fans are asked to read out in the video was: “I’d be so ragin’ if I was a sniffer dog. A dug with a job. All your pals down the park sniffing ar*****e n you canny cos your on backshift.”

One American man wearing a grey hat reads out the tweet with perfect comic timing, but his fellow fans still struggle with the lingo – with one woman mistakenly pronouncing “ar******s” as “erseholes”.

Another man can barely contain his laughter as he reads the tweet out.

While one woman barely holds herself together as she tries to read: “Why dae folk ask babies stupid s*** lit “Ur getting big aren’t ye?” As if the wee c*** gony be like aye Moira yer spot on am oan the protein.”

The American’s in the video could barely contain their laughter as they struggled to read out the tweets

Social media users went wild for the funny video, which already has over 3,900 likes.

JBL said: “Painful but funny.”

Paul Dick added: “Funniest thing I’ve seen in years. Brilliant. Am no a grass.”

Andrew Needham commented: “This is priceless. I’m howling.”

Darren Sneddon said: “There’s nae patter like the Scottish patter.”

While Pud joked: “Some better accents than Mel Gibson there.”

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