Adorable Amelia, 2, goes viral with her hilarious trainspotting performances


AN adorable little girl has won the hearts of train drivers with her trackside appearances – giving drivers safety advice and showing them her latest toys.

In return, Amelia Fowle, two, gets regular blasts of the train horn and is even getting tweets from drivers who say she brightens up their day.

Amelia, a Thomas the Tank Engine fanatic, thinks all trains are called Thomas and loves nothing more than to wait for them to pass near her home in Glasgow.

Videos taken by her dad, Alasdair, show Amelia yelling “Hello Thomas” as the ScotRail train passes. She shows one driver her latest pig toy and another her dolly in a pram.

Amelia yells “Happy New Year” at one train and urges another, amid wintry conditions “be careful, Thomas”. A particularly adorable clip shows Amelia at a station as a train thunders through saying “slow down, Thomas”.

Alasdair’s videos have so far been viewed more than 11,000 times on Twitter.

The 35-year-old said: “Amelia loves trains and luckily there is a train line within walking distance of our home.

“She gets so excited when she sees ‘Thomas’ and loves it when the driver sounds the horn to say hello back – it’s all she will talk about for the rest of the day.”

He added: “The videos of Amelia trainspotting have been popular. Her infectious enthusiasm for trains offers a spot of light relief for people across the country.”

A Scotrail staff member Tweeted Amelia on Sunday in response to her latest video saying: “Yay, I thought I’d missed you today Amelia as I’m on the late shift.”

Adding a smiley emoji, the driver added: “Hope you’ve had a lovely Sunday!”

In the videos you can see the young trainspotter taking her toys ‘Piggy’ and ‘Baby Angiebelle’ to join in her fun. She points the train out to the toys, shouting: “LOOK”.

Amelia goes out in all weather to welcome “Thomas”, including on Christmas Eve when she yelled “Merry Christmas, Thomas” at a passing train.

Her dad tweeted: “Not sure what we will do tomorrow with no trains to watch on our walk lol.”

Graham Heald, head of customer experience at the ScotRail Alliance, said: “It’s lovely to see Amelia so excited to wave at our trains. It makes our day as much as it makes hers.”