Scot gets four million views with video of girlfriend’s “pickup-proof” dancing


A SCOT has gone viral after taking the mickey out of his girlfriend’s dodgy dancing – claiming it’s so bad he doesn’t have to worry about other guys moving in.

Lauder McWilliams captured his partner Taylor Reid cutting shapes on video while the two students were on a night out together in Glasgow’s Bamboo nightclub.

Clearly amused by her rhythmically-challenged grooving, he posted the footage on Twitter.

Lauder, 20, wrote: “Least I know I don’t ever have to worry about guys coming up to my girlfriend in the club with moves like these.”

The post has been viewed over four million times, and has attracted over 44,000 retweets and been liked by over 230,000 social media users.

Despite Lauder’s opinion of his girlfriend’s dancing, many social media users told him to leave her alone as she was obviously having a great time.

The 20-second clip shows Taylor, 20, dancing close to the bar.

She starts by bending her knees up and down with absolutely no rythm and waves her arms about.

As the video moves on she gets more animated, with exaggerated limb movements, but is now even more out of time with the music.

Lauder later posted another video showing similar moves, which he captioned: “Just found even more evidence of @taylorreid97 and her horrific moves.”

This time she starts by bending her knees up and down while keeping the rest of her body straight.

The movement graduates to her upper half as she begins flapping her arms about while wearing a deadpan expression on her face.

Speaking today (WED), Lauder said: “I took the video on Saturday night and ended up forgetting about it. It wan’t until Sunday early afternoon that I found it on my phone and I showed Taylor and we both found it hilarious.

“I couldn’t believe how bad her dancing was and how I’d managed to film it. I then asked her if I would be able to put it on Twitter for a laugh.

“Having 42 followers at the time I just thought that the maximum I’d ever get would be like 100 likes and that this would just come from Taylor’s pals.

“So it was really insane how it blew up and reached 230,000 likes.

“I think it did so well because so many people, mostly girls or their boyfriends, can relate to the video. With many people tagging others or quote tweeting saying how it was how they danced and things like that.”

On social media, Matt Bentley said: “Bless her, she looks like she’s having a right good time.”

Kyzette Turvey said: “It’s cute as, she looks like shes having a ball. I wanna be her friend.”

Another user said: “Aww, she looks like she’s having a drunken good time, let her be happy.”

Many others said that Taylor’s entertaining dancing reminded them of themselves and their friends.

Laura Diaz asked: “Why is this the most accurate presentation of myself?”

Cameron Roll tagged his girlfriend Kristyn Wheeler and said: “That’s why I don’t have to worry about anyone trying to hit on you at the bars.”

Liam Hall did the same with Melissa Knight and added: “I’m sorry, but when I saw this, for some reason I instantly thought of you.”

Kourtney Strong said: “It’s funny because when I was watching that I was like that is really exactly how I dance like not one thing different.”

Amanda Lesandrini reassured Jake Henes: “You don’t have to worry about @hottiehayl because this is exactly what she looks like.”