Pregnant Aldi customer mistook her mouldy microwave rice for “meat and blood”


A PREGNANT Aldi customer opened a packet of microwave rice so rotten she mistook the contents for “meat and blood”.

Danielle Brazier was left feeling sick all night after making the grim discovery in her packet of Classic Basmati Rice.

The student nurse from Gateshead, Tyne and Wear, thought the mass of red mould looked like blood and raw meat and even threw away the plate she had used.

Aldi say it is impossible for the product to contain meat or blood and have confirmed that mould was responsible.

Danielle, 31, who bought the product from Aldi’s Sunderland Road store, posted an image to social media, asking: “Anyone else had this from Aldi?

“I found this in my rice and was told it was mould – blatantly raw meat and blood.”

Amanda Jane Hetherington replied: “Urghhhhh. What the hell?”

Carly Storey said: “Eeeee this is ill. I would go berserk. Your pregnant for god’s sake, should have took me with you.”

Claire Stoves said: “I’d try and take it further. Looks absolutely ghastly.”

Speaking today (THURS) Danielle said: “I cooked the rice and it smelled like meat and smelled like blood. All my family also agreed.

A PREGNANT Aldi customer opened a packet of microwave rice so rotten she mistook the contents for “meat and blood”.

“I was confused and unsure, then smelled it and panicked. I’m also pregnant and suffering from sickness and just fancied plain rice but after this I spent the night feeling terrible and had to bin the plate and cutlery as I have a one year old son.”

A spokesman for Aldi has confirmed that it was mould that Danielle found due to air getting inside the packet.

He said: “Our Classic Basmati Rice is produced in a factory that does not handle or process any meat or meat products and our systems ensure that it is categorically impossible for any meat to have been inside this product.”

The spokesman said they had apologised and pointed out it was possible, although rare, for the rice too perish if the packaging was breached at any time between production and her preparing the food.

“We apologised for the fact that there appeared to be mould on her rice and offered Ms Brazier a full refund, which she accepted,” he said.

Morrisons were recently in the firing line over microwave rice after a customer in Kent posted a stomach-churning video of maggots writhing in the packet.