Loo with a view: photographer’s baffling snap shows lavvy abandoned in Glencoe


A PHOTOGRAPHER travelling with friends in the Highlands stumbled across a loo with the best view in Scotland.

The snap of the abandoned toilet was taken last Tuesday (6 February) and is “just round the bend” from the three sisters in Glencoe.

Landscape photographer Phil Norton posted his snap to the Scotland from the Roadside Facebook group with the caption: “From the trip to Glencoe last week, new roadside loos, great ventilation but shoddy plumbing. Anyone else see it? It’s just around the bend from the three sisters towards Rannoch.”

Phil, 50, from Oldham, Greater Manchester, said: “My first reaction was why would anyone fly tip a stunning location, or forget to reload a loo? But you have to see the funny side of such an odd thing.”

The jokes quickly piled in on social media.

Neil Mackay wrote: “Personally, I’m against roadside dumping.

Paul Kindle was among seven people who looked to Scotland’s biggest city for an explanation, writing: “I bet some pillock from Glasgow nicked the seat.”

Eilish Walker responded: “Should have been left at Rest and be Thankful.”

And David Burleigh said: “Apparently it was stolen from the local police station. Police are looking for the criminals but they’ve nothing to go on.”