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NewsM&S customer had to pull fishcake full of "plastic hair" out of...

M&S customer had to pull fishcake full of “plastic hair” out of her throat.

MARKS & Spencer is investigating after a customer almost choked on a disgusting mass of “plastic hair” in her fishcake.

Paula Allchin had to pull the revolting object out of her throat and then needed GP treatment for the pain it caused.

To make matters even worse, M&S then “lost” the mysterious lump after Paula sent it to them to be investigated.

She bought the gluten-free salmon fishcakes at an M&S in Norwich on January 18.

She posted to the M&S Facebook page: “During the second mouthful I was aware of a plastic feeling in my mouth and something lodged in my throat.

“I managed to pull it out and realised there was plastic ‘hairs’ inside the fishcake. I cut the fish cake up and it was all through the item.”

Paula added: “My throat felt very sore and luckily I had a GP appointment the next day. My doctor prescribed some anaesthetic spray.

“Now I’m not normally one to make a fuss but 3 weeks in my throat is still sore.”

Paula said she was told to return the rest of the fishcake as well as the packaging, making a 20-mile round trip to do so.

MARKS & Spencer is investigating after a customer almost choked on a disgusting mass of “plastic hair” in her fishcake.

“I contacted them again and they said they hadn’t received my envelope,” she said. “So we drove into Norwich again to talk to the member of staff we had handed the envelope to.

“The next day we are informed the envelope was sent to the wrong department and (very conveniently) had been lost. I have been sent £15 for my inconvenience and as an apology.”

She said today: “It was pretty disgusting especially as I swallowed some of it and when I pulled the rest out of my mouth, it left me with a sore throat for over three weeks.”

Sarah Booth commented on Facebook: “What appalling customer service – I would be very unhappy that this wasn’t fully investigated and followed up.

“To lose the evidence is very convenient – I would have taken it directly to Environmental Health.”

“What a revolting experience, and now insult to injury with zero investigation and a woefully inadequate response. I am horrified, as M&S were always the very best in customer service.”

An M&S spokeswoman said: “We’re sorry to hear about our customer’s complaint. We take queries of this nature seriously and are grateful Ms Allchin has contacted us.

“We have sent the customer a gift card and are currently investigating with our supplier.”

M&S declined to comment on the loss of the evidence.

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