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NewsMoment cyclist wiped out as "police officer" turns car into station

Moment cyclist wiped out as “police officer” turns car into station

DRAMATIC video shows a cyclist sent flying after he collides with a car – turning left into a police station.

The cyclist smacks into the passenger door of the Toyota, which – according to the person filming – was being driven by a uniformed police officer.

The clip has caused a heated debate on social media, with some users claiming the cyclist was wrong to undertake the clearly indicating car. Others say the cyclist was in a bike lane and the driver should have checked before turning.

Joey Boland captured the clip on his dashcam on Friday as he was sitting outside the Sundrive Garda Station in Dublin.

According to Joey, the Toyota involved in the accident, was being driven by a uniformed Garda officer who summoned an ambulance after taking the casualty into the station.

The clip begins with Joey’s vehicle sitting in traffic outside the station.

The blue Toyota stops and indicates to pull into the station behind a patrol car.

As the patrol car moves off and heads through the gate, the Toyota follows and turns in to the left.

However, within seconds a cyclist speeds down the cycle lane and collides with the turning car.

The cyclist and the bike are thrown onto the bonnet of the car – and the cyclist’s head can be seen smacking onto the bonnet, before he lands on the ground.

Speaking today, Joey said: “I spoke to the cyclist after when he was leaving in the ambulance and he seemed a little hurt. It’s also a Garda driving the Toyota.

“My take on the accident is that a vehicle wishing to cross a traffic lane, must give way to all traffic in that lane.

“So if a vehicle wishes to cross a cycle lane, they must yield to all bicycles in that lane and wait for the lane to be clear before crossing.”

But on social media, Craig Bailey wrote: “Come on, the car is clearly indicating and the Lycra wearing p***k should slow down and anticipate him pulling in.”

Kirsty Small added: “You should rename the video ‘Cyclist doesn’t notice indicating car and gets hit’”.

William Mostyn commented: “The car has to cross over the bike lane. The bike has right of way. It’s the same as with motorways, you have to give way before switching lanes. However, the bike really should have slowed down. You can usually guarantee some motorist won’t wait.”

The cyclist was thrown onto the bonnet of the car as it turned into the police station

Darren Earl wrote: “I would like some money, so can the people saying it’s the car’s fault let me know your rough location? I’m going to blindly fly up the side of you and make a claim.”

While Richard Cooper said simply: “If you think it’s the cyclists fault you’re an idiot.”

A spokesman for the Garda said: “Gardaí in Sundrive Road are investigating a collision between a cyclist and a car that occurred on February 16 2018 at approximately 3:04pm.

“A male in his 30s was treated at the scene. We can confirm that the car was not an unmarked Garda vehicle.”

The spokesman declined to comment on whether the vehicle was being driven by a police officer.

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