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NewsMoment dauntless pooch tackles ice-bound 3,300ft peak roped to owner

Moment dauntless pooch tackles ice-bound 3,300ft peak roped to owner

AMAZING footage shows a terrier scampering up a near-vertical rockface covered in ice and snow.

Snoop’s tail wags as he confidently climbs the 3,300ft peak in Scotland – while his owner inches up using two ice axes.

The eight-year-old Jack Russell/Patterdale cross is only stopped from bolting for the summit by a safety rope attaching him to Jamie Jack.

The remarkable clip was filmed on 999m Stob Ban on Sunday as winter conditions made the peak near Fort William doubly dangerous.

But for Jamie and Snoop it was the 90th Munro – a Scottish peak over 3,000ft ( 914m) – they had climbed together.

Jamie, 31, from Cumbernauld, North Lanarkshire, previously shared footage of a late summer climb of iconic Buachaille Etive Mor, Glencoe.

But yesterday’s climb – in freezing conditions, snow and wind – was one of their toughtest challenges yet.

The video begins with Jamie holding an ice pick in each hand and Snoop tethered to him with a rope and harness.

The terrier pulls himself up the snowy rock face along with his owner – while the snow falls around them.

As Snoop makes his way up the mountain, a panting Jamie can be seen kicking into the snow to get a better grip.

When Jamie looks up again after getting a firm grip – Snoop is standing waiting patiently with his tail wagging away.

As Jamie looks down behind him a fatally-steep drop comes into view, blanketed in thick snow.

This doesn’t phase Snoop, who seems perfectly content panting away and waiting on his owner.

Jamie and Snoop go on plenty of adventures together

When Jamie tries to manoeuvre over a large boulder, Snoop tries it too – but eventually gives up and simply walks round it.

At one point the dog scrambles a little and looks as if he might fall – but quickly recovers and heads back towards his owner.

Jamie, fire sprinkler fitter, said today (MON): “His tail never stops wagging.

“When we’re up that height the snow is usually quite firm and to be honest I think it’s easier for him. He can just glide over the top while I’m knee deep trudging away.”

Jamie has set up an Instagram page – Jack__adventure – on which video and photos of their exploits can be viewed.

Terrier Snoop was unfazed by the snowy and windy conditions

Social media users were quick to comment on the amazing footage.

Joanna Forbes commented: “Amazing. What a wonderful pooch.”

William Powell added: “Brilliant climbing dog, seems to be loving it.”

Lynda Mcconnell wrote: “What a great wee dog. Glad to see you had him secured to yourself.”

While Paul Morris said: “Look at that tail wag. That’s one happy dog.”

In September last year, the pair conquered a staggering eight summits in 48 hours.

Jamie filmed the pair scaling the dangerous rock face of the 3,300ft Buachaille Etive Mor – with the fearless pooch leading the way.

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