Moment Scot knocked out cold after volunteering to be a human punchbag


A SHOCKING video shows the moment a Scot is knocked out cold after challenging his friend to punch him for a dare.

Jordan Sharpe tempts fate by telling his pal: “Guarantee you I don’t go doon.”

He then delivers a ferocious right hook which sends Jordan sprawling across a bottle-strewn table

As Jordan, 26, lies immobile on the table a concerned friend can be heard saying: ““I telt you no to dae it.”

The clip – which has been viewed and retweeted thousands of times – was filmed in Jordan’s flat in Dumbarton, West Dunbartonshire, on Saturday night after a drunken session.

Jordan was out cold for two-three minutes, according to friends, but is apparently none the worse for his experience as a human punchbag.

The 19-second clip was filmed and posted by Kevin McElroy, 28, who captioned it with Jordan’s ill-chosen “last” words.

In the footage, Jordan, in a black jacket, appears to challenge his grey-hooded friend to hit him, saying: “Guarantee you I don’t go doon.”

He then asks: “Are you videoing this?”

One of the onlookers pleads “Mate, don’t do it, please” but is told: “Let him do it.”

The puncher lines his fist up while his victim stands primed with his hands behind his back.

He throws the punch and makes a violent connection, generating a loud smacking noise, and watches as his pal flops over, knocks over cans and bottles, and ends up in an inverted U-shape on the table with his head hanging over one side and his feet over the other.

The concerned friend then says: “I telt you no to dae it.”

Social media users found the episode hilarious and sent in their replies.

Graeme Farrell said: “My wee boy just asked if he died. It’s the way he falls over the table”, with crying with laughter emojis.

Callum Wykes said: “Watched this about 15 times, canny breathe. ‘Telt yae no tae dae it’, ‘mate please don’t’. Comedy gold man.”

Jack Burns said: “Folded like a deck chair.”

Another user said: “More action in that clip that the boxing on Saturday night.”

Speaking today, Kevin, said: “It was at a house party, he was down for about two or three minutes then came back around. He said he couldn’t remember much about it.

“Jordan said ‘I bet you couldn’t knock me out if I give you a free punch, usual s***e chat after a few drinks.

“I was just laughing at first, I thought it was a joke. But I managed to help him up after a few minutes.”