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NewsAmazing pictures show daring rescue of dogs trapped on 3,000ft peak

Amazing pictures show daring rescue of dogs trapped on 3,000ft peak

AMAZING pictures show the daring rescue of two dogs that were lost on a freezing 3,000ft mountain for 48 hours.

Lilah and Cash are seen in the incredible images sheltering under overhanging snow at the top of Helvellyn in the Lake District.

The cornice under which they were discovered was in danger of collapsing at any moment and posed a serious risk to the rescuers.

The pictures show how climbers banded together for a rescue bid which involved an intrepid volunteer dangling over the edge on a rope.

Scott Pilling grabbed terrier cross Cash first and was hauled back to safety before going back for German Shepherd Lilah.

Cash and Lilah were stranded for two days under a snow cornice that could have collapsed at any moment

The pooches went missing on Sunday after they got separated from their owner during a walk on the peak, the third highest in England at 3,117ft (950m).

It is still not clear how the dogs found shelter in the snow cave underneath the cornice and it was first assumed they had fallen to their deaths.

Scott, 37, from Horwich, Greater Manchester, saw a post about the missing dogs on Facebook and drove for over two hours on Tuesday to join the rescue.

He then spotted the pair with the help of a fellow hillwalker’s binoculars.

Once he had found their location, Scott began to whistle and shout out the dogs’ names until they popped their heads out – and quickly snapped a picture.

The rescuers risked their own lives dangling over the cliff edge to rescue the pooches

Scott met around eight others on the mountain that day who pitched in to hold the ropes, and even make the scary descent into the cornice themselves.

After pulling Cash up from the ridge, the rescuers then had to entice nervous German Shepherd Lilah out, by tricking her and building a makeshift ramp.

When the pair were both safe and attached to leads, Scott was finally able to call the dog’s owner Colette Kilroy and let her know the good news.

Scott posted a series of pictures of his daring rescue mission to Facebook, which has over 2,500 likes so far.

Speaking today, Scott said: “I wasn’t expecting to find them at all. It was absolutely brilliant when I spotted them.

“The mountains are such a great place, when I told people I came across walking to the ridge what was happening, they volunteered to help. It was lucky, because I was freezing and we had to take turns going down the rope to the ridge.

The dogs were reunited with their owner Colette Kilroy, left, and her mum later that day

“The dogs were in such a dangerous place, the weather coming in the next day was forecasting strong winds and they would have suffered in wind chill. I’m not sure they would have survived another night.

“I was sent a photograph of the cornice the next day, where the dogs had been, and the entire thing had collapsed.

“I first spotted them at around 11am, and it must have been after half past two, nearly three when we finally had both of them together.”

On social media, users were quick to praise Scott and the other rescuers.

Karen Weatherley commented: “The world needs more people like you. Especially well done on getting the shepherd out.”

Kayleigh Woodhouse added: “This is amazing, well done Scott and all who rescued Cash and Lilah.”

While Suzanne Hay said simply: “Super star.”

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