Adorable moment soft-hearted vegetarian farmer lets pair of sheep into her home to escape “beast”


THE adorable moment a soft-hearted Scottish farmer let her sheep into the house to escape the cold has been captured on video.

Ali Thom filmed as the pair waltzed in through the front door and sauntered in to the living room.

Ali, who is vegetarian and can’t bear to have any of her animals slaughtered, started moving livestock to the barn as temperatures plummeted.

But her Valais Blacknose sheep – sisters called Mia and Nia – had other ideas and decided to upgrade their lodgings.

Ali, 51, who runs Arnbeg Farmstay in Kippen, Stirlingshire, says the pair and “like big dogs” and follow her everywhere.

And with the “Beast from the East” fast approaching she was happy to share the warmth of her home. At one point, Ali’s “real” dog, Ivy, spots the intruders and backs off in confusion.

Ali uploaded the clip to Facebook with the caption: “If it’s too cold for you, it’s too cold for them. Remember to bring your pets inside. Ok. I will.”

The short clip of the pair has been viewed over 3,400 times and social media users have gone wild for the adorable clip.

On social media, Kirsty Monachan joked: “You are a complete dafty.”

Terri Somgynari commented: “That you would bring them inside to the house shows how much you really care for these beautiful animals.”

Janice Crook Reynolds added: “Omg you’re mental woman, love this though.”

While Tracy Charters said simply: “I love your sheep.”

Speaking today, Ali said: “I was moving them from the field to the barn, and I had to pop into the house for something on the way there, so they just followed me in.

“They’re like big dogs, they just follow me everywhere. Their field is right outside my bedroom window and they wake me up at 7am every day.”

Ali Thom, pictured, with Mia one of the sheep in the clip

She added: “I am a terrible farmer, I had hoped to make the farm a small holding but now I’m vegetarian.

“If the animal has a name and I name it then it won’t be eaten. My partner has his own flock that he sells at market, but none of mine get sold.

“I have what we call a forever flock of about 16, of old animals who need somewhere to go. Everytime my partner goes away I end up getting another animal. I tried to sneak in a brown sheep once and hoped he wouldn’t notice. He did.”