Gordon Ramsay in the doghouse after being rude about a chihuahua


OUTSPOKEN chef Gordon Ramsay may finally have gone too far – after being nasty about a dog.

The Hell’s Kitchen star is known for his colourful language and forthright assessment of other people’s cooking.

But when the 51-year-old was asked for his thoughts on a chihuahua, his response caused widespread outrage with some social media users suggesting he had hurt the pooch’s feelings.

Nick Ruiz tweeted Ramsay to ask: “What do you think of my dog @GordonRamsay? Go full savage.”

Ramsay responded: “A baby reindeer gone wrong!”

Although the comment may seem far from savage by Ramsay’s standards, he was widely judged to have gone “too far”.

Twitter user Nick asked the Hell’s Kitchen chef to unleash on his dog

Twitter user Mary Claire wrote: “You being mean to people about their sh***y food is the highlight of my day, but if you start insulting good dogs on the internet for no reason I will not support your brand any further, Gordon.”

Ronan Curtis said: “Honestly I found his whole comment pretty distasteful. It’s a cute dog that literally did nothing wrong.”

Twitter user @fitzpIleasure wrote: “Gordon stop. This is too far.”

And animal lover @wowhatalaga added: “I think the dog knows it and is sad.”

Some social media users even shared a snap of the trolled pooch photoshopped with a tear rolling down its face.

Twitter user @kotatiger was one of the few to defend the chef, writing: “Are you f****** kidding me?

“The only reason people post pictures to his account is to see him jest about it. Obviously the dog is just fine, that’s Ramsay, that’s this whole thing. He tears into things in jest! Soooooo, get over yourselves.”

Social media users were not happy with Ramsay’s response

Last year Ramsay hit the headlines after swapping his offensive kitchen remarks for amature chefs online.

The Michelin-starred chef took no mercy on social media users and has even mercilessly put down creations made by elderly women.

Last year he sailed close to the wind after reviewing a traditional Indian dish,

Twitter user ‘Rameez’ sent Ramsay a photo of a dish he had cooked called ‘Medu Vada’ – a traditional breakfast made from deep-fried spiced lentils and served with lentil curry and coconut chutney.

He wrote: “Please rate my medu vada sambar and nariyal chutney”.

Ramsay replied: “I didn’t know you can tweet from prison.”

One followed warned the chef: “Watch out man, that’s everyday food for half of southern India!”