Domino’s Driver “suspended” after Customer Snaps Disgusting Motor used to Transport Food


A DOMINO’S delivery driver has been suspended after a customer snapped photographs showing the state of his disgusting motor – used to deliver pizzas.

Hannah King was appalled when she walked past the delivery drivers car and peered in to see empty coffee cups, fag butts and dirt strewn across the entire vehicle.

The 33-year-old from Somerset took photographs of the filth showing mounds of pay-and-display tickets littered across the dashboard.

Disgusted Hannah King snapped the inside of this Domino delivery driver’s car in Taunton, Somerset

Other images show half eaten, rotten food and Costa coffee cups full of cigarette butts.

Various items of clothing and packets of tabacco are also shown stuffed down the back seats while dirt can be seen through the windows.

Hannah spotted the vehicle outside Domino’s on Station Road, Taunton and shared the images on Facebook and Twitter writing, “This is the inside of a Dominoes [sic] delivery car from Taunton. Surely this isn’t acceptable?

“I know the pizza comes in boxes but this is vile?! The Costa cup in filled with fag butts.”

The inside of the dirty driver’s delivery car

Hannah revealed today that car had been getting used for deliveries that same day.

She said: “My partner had been in to see the manager a while ago to complain about his car so they knew and clearly did nothing about it.

“He went in about two years ago so that’s how long he’s [the driver’s] been doing it.”

“To think food is transported in that car makes you feel sick. How the manager or co workers haven’t noticed is beyond me.

“There should be hygiene rules for delivery drivers if the kitchen/workplace have to obide [sic] by them then why shouldn’t the drivers?”

Hannah said she was later contacted by the customer services who told her the driver, “won’t be delivering in that vehicle or any other vehicle again.”

The driver had been delivering pizzas for this Domino’s on Station Road in Taunton, Somerset.

A spokewoman for Dominos today said: “The employee had been suspended pending an investigation.”

A member of staff at the Taunton branch today said: “no staff will be giving a comment on that.”

Louise Butler, spokeswoman for for Domino’s, today (thur) said: “Our delivery drivers are expected to maintain a high level of vehicle cleanliness at all times, and whilst an isolated incident, this is clearly wholly unacceptable.

“The colleague concerned has been suspended with immediate effect pending an investigation and we’ve been in touch with Ms. King to offer our apologies, which she has accepted.

“We’ve also reminded the store of the importance of maintaining brand standards with regular car spot checks to prevent a reoccurrence.”