Kevin Bridges passes his driving test first time, declaring: “It’s a sad day for Uber.”


KEVIN Bridges has passed his driving test first time – after only taking lessons for three weeks.

The comedian passed his practical on Friday (MAR 9) last week at the Anniesland Driving Test Centre in Glasgow.

And the 31-year-old’s driving instructor, Tony Clarke, proudly posted a picture of his famous pupil posing with this test pass certificate.

Tony revealed that he had first taken the funnyman for lessons 12 years ago when he had just left school.

But after the Scot shot to fame and he had to spend more time in London and other parts of the country, his driving took a back seat.

Despite a blizzard putting a stop to lessons and a bolt coming off the instructor’s car the day before Kevin’s test, the Glaswegian managed to pass.

Tony took to twitter to share a snap of the grinning comedian with his pass certificate with the caption: “Congratulations @kevinbridges86 on passing your driving test first time like a boss. Brilliant guy to teach.”

Kevin left a comment on his instructors post, writing: “Top coach. A sad day for Uber. Yas!”

Speaking today, Tony said: “He only took lessons for three weeks, he’s quite a clever guy, really intelligent.

“I first took him for lessons about 12 years ago when he first left school, but then his career started to kick off and he had to go down to London a lot.

“He had quite a tight schedule, but he was very determined. His dad drives him about, and he’s getting older now so Kevin wanted to drive him around in return. He was also really excited about getting his dog in the car and taking him places.”

Asked if any funny incidents occurred when the pair were out driving, Tony said: “There was the blizzard and snow, so that stopped lessons for a few days. Then a bolt came off the car during one of our lessons, that was the day before his test, but Kevin managed to pull some strings and get it sorted in time.”

On social media, Robert Emerson wrote: “Must have been fed up giving out £1s at the bus stop.”

Michele joked: “As if the parking not bad enough in Hyndland, ffs.”

Gregor Martin added: “I thought Kev.I.N only went about in helicopters nowadays.”

David Hopkins commented: “How did you keep a Scot sober enough to drive legally?”

And James McAlpine joked: “Geez a lift ya p*k.”

The Scots comedian revealed in February this year that he felt burnt-out after his third sold-out arena tour and thought his career was over.

Kevin had been on stage since the age of 17, and is set to begin his fourth stadium tour Brand New in August this year.