Bar suffers online backlash over “sexist, racist and homophobic” jokes posted in men’s loo


A BAR has been slated online after putting up posters in the men’s toilets featuring “racist, sexist and homophobic” jokes.

The Office in Leith, Edinburgh, suffered a backlash after posting the gags, each of which was entitled “Office Banter”.

A sexist one-liner read: “What do you do when your dishwasher stops working? Slap her on the a*** and tell her to get back to work.”

Another “joke” manages to mock both Chinese names and disabled people, asking: “Did you hear about the Chinese couple that had a retarded baby? They named him Sum Ting Wong.”

And a homophobic gag asks: “What’s the hardest part of rollerblading? Telling your parents that you are gay.”

Facebook user Kevin Tierney shared pictures of the tasteless wisecracks in Facebook group ‘I love Leith’, demanding: “Toilet walls in The Office on Easter Road. Take this racist/sexist/homophobic s*** down eh.”

Other members were just as outraged and backed up Kevin’s complaint.

Vicki Taylor said: “So called ‘office banter’ on their toilet walls is sexist, racist and homophobic. Living in the dark ages.

“If this is any reflection on the management here, I wouldn’t set foot in the place.”

Catherine Sutherland said: “Management, do you really think the “banter” displayed in your establishment is appropriate in this day and age? Stop behaving like 1970s neanderthal throwbacks and remove it and maybe issue an apology while you are at it?”

A BAR has been slated online after putting up posters in the men’s toilets featuring “racist, sexist and homophobic” jokes.

Hellish Scott raged: “1970’s style s***e humour should be left in the 70s along with Jimmy Savile and all the other wonderful things from the time when ‘things were different’.”

John Baird added: “It’s maybe not offensive to everyone however it is outdated, cheap and crass. Much like the establishment itself.”

However not everyone was against the jokes and some tried to defend the owners.

Aidan Moran said: “Everybody nowadays are offended by everything. See if you dinny like it then dinny read it. Far too much time on their hands.”

Thomas James McLuskey added: “Seriously we are getting to be very super sensitive, the stuff that was written on walls in toilets in my day were only treated with either fun or you did not even look at it but the thing that I am trying to say is we did not make a great deal out of it, we had a lot more serious problems to deal with than writings on a toilet wall.”

The Office appear to have taken down their own Facebook page after this was brought to light.