Motorist takes 22 minutes to enter and leave car park – and still hits another vehicle


A HILARIOUS video shows a motorist take 22 minutes to enter and leave a parking space – and still manage to bump another vehicle.

Dashcam footage shows the female driver take six minutes to park car and then an incredible 16 minutes to get out.

Carry out the dozens of manoeuvres took two minutes longer than the occupants of the car spent shopping in central Manchester last month.

The driver, behind the wheel of a 67-plate Vauxhall Mokka, bungles parking by turning into the space too early.

The driver reverses back and forth seven times before children are shown getting out.

The female driver then takes another last ditch attempt to straighten up her vehicle before the clip ends.

Hilariously, the dashcam then captured the moment the family returned back to the car just 20 minutes later and tried to leave.

The woman is shown reversing the car in and out four times before it bangs into a silver Skoda parked behind it.

Instead of getting out to see if there’s any damage, the driver then continues in and out of the space another 15 times before she gets one of her passengers to step out of the car to direct her.

The other female then tries to direct the driver to help her wiggle out from the space.

The car is then shown moving back and forth dozens of times before finally she speeds away into the distance.

The footage was captured on another motorist, Mark Sreeves’s campervan dashcam on February 25th.

He shared the video today (fri) on his Facebook page, writing: “So, I parked the campervan in a Pay & Display car park in the middle of Manchester and left the dashcam running.

“Several hours later we came back to the van and made a cup of tea before setting off home.

A HILARIOUS video shows a motorist take 22 minutes to enter and leave a parking space – and still manage to bump another vehicle.

“While there, a family returned to their car and took SIXTEEN minutes to get out of the parking space nudging one of the other cars in the process.

“Had someone blocked them in? Well, no. When I got home I had a look at the earlier footage and it had taken them over four minutes to park the car and the neighbouring cars hadn’t moved at all during the short time they were away!

“The date stamp is correct but time stamp is always wrong.”

Speaking today (thur), Mark added: “The clock was set incorrectly but the timestamp run from 22:34 to 22:40 for parking and 23:00 to 23:16 for pulling away again.

“They spent longer getting into and out of the space than they were actually park for!”

Dozens of viewers have left comments on the video with some even saying the driver should lose their licence.

One viewer said: “It’s the same manoeuvre over and over again. Put your licence back in the cereal box.”

Another wrote: “This is what makes me angry as a hgv driver. I can manoeuvre a artic and full size trailer into stupidly small places but people.cant park using common sense without damaging other people’s property.”

And one social media user said: “Oh my. Take away their licence. Can’t even manage a simple manoeuvre like that. Scary to think we’re driving among folk like this.”