Friday, June 24, 2022
NewsFast food fans snap up £36 "chicken nugget" jumper that comes in...

Fast food fans snap up £36 “chicken nugget” jumper that comes in XXXL size

DIE-HARD fried food fanatics are going mad for a jumper completely covered in pictures of chicken nuggets.

Online retailers Shelfies have sold out of their £36 “Chicken Nuggets Invasion Sweater” after being inundated with orders.

The jumper, in 100% polyester, is available from size XS right up to an XXXL version capable of accommodating the most devoted fan of fast food.

But fans who missed out on the jumper will be pleased to hear the retailer also has a t-shirt version available, just in time for summer – and it has been reduced from £20 to £18.

In the jumper description on their website, Shelfies state: “The best drunk food, the best hangover food, the best every day food— there’s probably no other food more versatile than chicken nuggets. Grab your favourite sauce, and dig in!

“Our sweaters are made of 100% polyester, with the inside feeling soft and fuzzy to keep you warm and cozy, while still being breathable. The prints will last you forever and never fade or peel.”

Hundreds of fried-food-fanatics took to Facebook to share their delight after Facebook group, Council Estate LAD shared a snap of the items.

Johnny Bryce wrote: “The ultimate outfit when you get your chicken dinners.”

Jodi Feerick said: “This is amazing.”

Charley Metcalfe wrote: “I can see myself in this. Where’s it from? Will treat myself.”

Sam Canfield said: “This is like a whole new level of chicken nuggets loving.”

Hundreds of social media users tagged their friends into the post but some people weren’t so keen.

Sanj Louise Tait wrote: “Sorry but chicken nugget lover or not, you’re a sad w***** if you’re cutting about in a s*** show like this.”

Earlier this year it was revealed that a chicken nugget festival is due to hit the UK this summer.

Hosted by food community, We Love Food, the first of its kind event is going to take place on 11 August in London and 22 September in Manchester.

Event organisers promise that there will be live bands and DJ’s alongside a showcase of the biggest variety of chicken nuggets – from breaded to baked to battered.

There are also plans for a chicken nugget eating competition which will result in two individuals being crowned the ‘Nugget King’ and ‘Nugget Queen’ for the day.

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