Moment “p***k” in motorhome barges vehicle it’s overtaking to avoid head-on smash

AN astonishing video shows a motorhome attempt a risky overtake and then deliberately barge into the car it’s passing to get to safety.
The reckless driver did not even bother to stop after performing the jaw-dropping manoeuvre on a country road in Dorset.
The driver waits for an HGV and pickup to pass and then attempts to overtake a 4×4.
But the impatient motorist, facing a head-on smash, veers left and crashes into the 4×4, managing to get to safety just in time.
The video has been viewed over 25,000 times since it was uploaded to the Dorset Idiot Drivers Exposed Facebook page on Wednesday.
They captioned the clip: “Time to change underwear. Camper failed to stop as well.”
The video starts with the white motorhome driving, quite slowly, on an unidentified country road. A truck and a pickup truck can be seen passing on the other side of the road in quick succession.
As soon as the pickup passes the motorhome it pulls out to attempt an overtake. There is a black Nissan 4×4 and a black van in front of the motorhome.
The white camper struggles to gain any speed, owing to its several tonne weight.
Several seconds after pulling out, the motorhome suddenly swerves back into the left lane. Hitting the front of the Nissan almost causing it to drive off the road.
Despite being forced onto the grass verge on the side of the road, the 4×4 is able to return to the road relatively unscathed. The motorhome then speeds off.
Commenters on social media showed their frustration at the dreadful and dangerous driving by the motorhome.
Stuart Terry commented: “What a p***k. Thank god the black car didn’t end up in the trees.”
Clare Cunningham said: “That’s dreadful and the type of driving that gives Moho owners a bad reputation. I hope the police have received this film and the driver is charged with dangerous driving.”
Iain Middleton asked: “Did they collide? Shocking.”
Iain Middleton then posted: “A lot of camper van drivers don’t realise the width and length of their vehicle. Lost count of the ones I’ve seen without an O/S mirror.”
Jay Rowles said: “Makes a change you usually are the one stuck behind these fucking things. Still no excuse though what a pr*.”
Georgia Looker commented: “You have to admire his optimism.”
Marcin Czubacki said: “Running late for holiday.”