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NewsMum hunting for family of stranger whose "ashes" she scattered after finding...

Mum hunting for family of stranger whose “ashes” she scattered after finding them washed up on beach

A SCOTTISH woman claims she scattered a stranger’s ashes on a beach after finding a mysterious package washed up on the shore.

Charlieen (corr) Crawford was walking on a beach in County Antrim when she discovered a glass container wrapped in tinfoil, a tartan cloth, and sealed with tape.

On opening the package the 30-year-old found something “similar to sand” but which a friend who makes headstones assured her was human ashes.

So Charlieen, who describes herself as a “stay at home mum”, decided to spread the ashes on the same beach.

She then posted images of the bizarre find to social media in a bid to discover the origins of the package and let relatives know the ashes had been scattered.

Charlieen found the package last Saturday and believes it might have fallen from a passenger boat that travels from Ballycastle to Campbeltown, Argyll and Bute.

In her Facebook post, Charlieen wrote: “I find the strangest of things across the beach at times. Today I found a glass container, wrapped in tinfoil, with a tartan cloth over the top sealed with tape.

“On opening it the tartan cloth was backed with a pink fabric, almost blanket-like and inside was something similar to sand, I don’t know why but I couldn’t help but feel that it was someone’s ashes.”

She continued: “I’ve never seen ashes so I could be wrong.”

Charlieen said she sent a picture of the contents to a headstone maker who confirmed they were human ashes.

She said today: “My gut was telling me this was someone special and I couldn’t just leave it or put it in the bin. I’ve lost a child myself and know the heartache it brings daily so I decided since it was the best day of the year weather wise that I would scatter the ashes on the beach.”

She continued: “You can see Scotland from our wee town. There is a small passenger boat that goes from here to Campbeltown. I posted the photos on Facebook because I wanted who ever the family of these belonged to, to know where they ended up.

“I don’t know if it will bring comfort or not but I hope it does.”

On social media, Kirsty Reynolds-Smith said: “They do look like ashes. I’ve shared the post for you.”

Gabrielle Riddiough said: “That’s a lovely thing to do Charlieen.”

Gillian Taggart said: “At least they’re on a beautiful beach . I’ve shared it Charlieen.”

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