Brilliant moment Teddy Boys in their 60s and 70s show off their moves on beer garden tables-Viral Video News UK


HILARIOUS video shows a group of Teddy Boys in their 60s and 70s recreating their heyday by dancing on tables in a pub’s beer garden.

Despite their advancing years, the gang bop and jive with gusto to Hank Mizell’s 1958 classic Jungle Rock.

Passing customers shake hands with the time-defying Teds as they strut their stuff at the pub in Westward Ho!, Devon.

Hundreds of Teddy Boys – and Girls – of all ages descended on Devon last weekend to show off their dancing skills and meet up with fellow enthusiasts.

The group in the video took a spontaneous decision to “show off” their moves to a British public more likely to be familiar with the Cha-Cha Slide or Gangnam Style.

Teddy boy Dave Berry captured the amazing footage, and live streamed it on to Facebook.

The clip now has a staggering 1.6 million views and 19,000 likes since it was posted.

The footage begins with four men dancing on top of wooden picnic tables in a pub beer garden.

The Ted's enjoying themselves by "showing off"- Viral Video News UK
The Ted’s enjoying themselves by “showing off”

The men kick their feet out in time to the music, dressed in full Teddy gear of tailored jackets and waistcoats.

One man, wearing a maroon jacket, can be spotted in the background strolling up and down a wall in the background.

As the men bop away, more Teddy Boys arrive and take up spots on the empty tables, jumping and skipping in time to the music.

Speaking today, Dave, from Worcester, said: “We were at Westward Ho! in Devon at a Teddy boy weekend with Rock and Roll bands and discos.

“At 12 on the second day we get suited and booted and have a stroll to a local pub. Then we have a good old dance, and show off strutting our stuff, as Teddy boys do.”

Teddy boys dancing-Viral Video News UK
Teddy Boys gained prominence in the 50s and 60s and were inspired by the dress of Victorian dandies

He added: “Most of the lads on the tables are in their 60’s.

“Dancing on tables is just a way of showing off and getting the public’s attention.”

On social media, Julie Robinson said: “You guys are fantastic, keep boppin.”

David Lowe commented: “Once a Ted, always a Ted.”

Glenda Barrows added: “True teddy boys style. Brilliant to see as always.”

David Harrower joked: “Bloody hooligan teddy boys lol. Keep on rockin’ boys.”

While Sarah Isendahl said: “Great to see a bunch of old boys having fun.”

A Teddy Boy, also known as Ted, is a British subculture typified by young men in the early 1950s wearing clothes partly inspired by “dandies” of the Edwardian period.

The subculture was strongly associated with Rock and Roll, despite pre-dating the phenomenon, and the Teds would wear narrow tapered trousers, waistcoats, a cut off jacket and ties tied in a ‘windsor’ knot.

After the style was backed by Saville Row Tailors and picked up by the era’s businessmen, the style suddenly became the uniform of the “dance hall creepers” and those seen in Edwardian dress were described as delinquents.