Instant karma for level crossing jumper as he’s caught on camera by police


A RECKLESS driver gets instant karma in a dramatic video by whizzing across a level crossing on red – right in front of a police camera van.

The red lights have been showing for several seconds as the Audi A1 appears, zooming over the rails as the safety barriers start to descend.

But the driver is set to receive a fine of up to £1,000 after being filmed by a British Transport Police (BTP) vehicle parked nearby.

The incident in Eastbourne, Sussex, last Tuesday was also captured on the dashcam of motorist “Sam A”, who can be heard confidently declaring: “He’s gonna get a ticket.”

As Sam A approaches the crossing, a camera on a tripod can be seen in front of the police van pointing towards the barriers.

The footage shows the crossing lights clearly indicating for cars to halt to allow an oncoming train to pass.

As other road users stop and the barriers begin to fall, the Audi whizzes over the crossing.

Sam, 46, from Eastbourne said: “I only got my dash cam delivered the previous day, and I thought I’d try it out on the way back from dropping my boy at school.

“If you look on the roof of the police van, the camera is mounted on a pole to get a good view of the crossing.

“It’s kind of an instant karma video – by the time the Audi driver has seen the camera van it’s too late.”

A spokesman from BTP said: “Officers are currently investigating a level crossing misuse which happened on 20 March. A car was seen to drive over Hampden Park level crossing despite the red lights illuminating.

“A BTP level crossing enforcement vehicle was on scene and captured the incident. Enquiries are ongoing and no arrests or charges have been made at this time.”

A British Transport van was on the scene at the time.

A Network Rail spokesman said: “Despite repeated warnings and enforcement action, sadly some motorists continue to risk their lives and the lives of others at crossings by ignoring road traffic regulations.

“We work closely with the British Transport Police and those who flout the law can expect action to be taken against them.”

A spokesman for road safety campaigning website SWD Media, who obtained the clip, said: “The actions of this driver were completely unacceptable and reckless.

“Warning lights and barriers are there not just to protect the lives of motorists, but every single passenger on the approaching train including the driver. It did not even look like he attempted to slow down.

“Hopefully when the letter drops on the door mat from the police, he takes note and learns from this as the next time he might not be so lucky.”