Make-up artist’s adorable tattoo homage to pet dog goes viral


SOCIAL MEDIA users have gone wild for a make-up artist’s tattoo of her adorable dog.

Tara House has had Alaskan Malmute Diesel since he was a puppy and couldn’t resist getting him immortalised on her leg on Friday. (MAR 30)

The adorable fluffy pooch and his tattoo homage sent twitter into meltdown as users dubbed them “beautiful”.

The 21-year-old from Hitchin, Hertfordshire, posted a picture of her newest tattoo alongside the inspiration behind it – Diesel with a pile of fur on the floor beside him.

The tattoo captured Diesel with an adorable grin on his face, surrounded by delicate orange flowers.

Tara’s leg tattoo and her pooch Diesel

The photographs, which have been liked a staggering 141,000 times, were shared with the caption: “I am so happy to have his smiling face on me forever.”

Social media users were quick to compliment both Diesel and tattoo artist Sadee Glover, based at the Black Chalice Tattoo studio in Swindon.

Ryan Quinn replied: “I showed this to my mom and she made the most positive inhuman noise.”

Lavender commented: “This made me so happy.”

Ozwalled wrote: “Your tattoo artist is a wizard.”

While K French said: “Everything about this is so beautiful.”

Jonathan Lee Mason wrote : “That is one of the sweetest tattoo’s I think I’ve ever seen.”

And Alex ‘Spirit’ J said simply: “Your dog is awesome and the artist is a beast.”

Tara says she is Diesel’s “biggest fan”

Speaking today: “I have a few tattoos anyway, and plan to get many more, so this one just seemed to fit in with the theme I have on my leg at the moment.

“He’s such an amazing dog and I absolutely adore him. I know he won’t be here forever so having the tattoo will give me something to look back on and remember all the funny things about him, and he just has such a pretty face which was a bonus.”

As Tara’s posted began trending on twitter, many users thought Diesel had sadly passed away.

So Tara added a picture of the adorable pooch looking into the camera with the caption: “Loads of people think my dog has died. PSA he hasn’t, and turned 9 in December. I’m just his biggest fan.”