Monday, May 16, 2022
NewsMoment pig turns in to water fountain in adorable clip

Moment pig turns in to water fountain in adorable clip

A HILARIOUS video shows a Kunekune pig that has learned to guzzle gallons of water directly from a tap.

Rodney – who weighs 80kg (176lbs) – has given up on his bucket and simply allows the torrent of water to gush into his mouth.

A video of the pig in action shows water spraying everywhere and pouring from Rodney’s mouth as he quenches his thirst at at a farm in Lockerbie, Dumfries and Galloway.

Rodney and his brother, Hughie, both 12, arrived at Mossburn Community Farm in 2009.

A clip of his drinking explots was uploaded to social media with the caption: “The yard had a new water feature this morning.”

Yard worker Siobhan Webster filmed as Rodney stands in the yard underneath a running tap attached to one of the outbuildings.

A few curious goats watch in the background as Rodney tilts his head backwards and opens his mouth.

He guzzles the water from the tap – but much of it spills out of his mouth and all over the ground.

He takes a short break from the homemade water fountain, but moments later sticks his head back under.

The water immediately starts to foam out of Rodney’s mouth and massive droplets spill onto the floor.

The clip ends as the cheeky pig turns to look at the camera, with what appears to be a satisfied grin.

Siobhan, 27, said: “They are honestly so cute, and they will eat anything. They have cereals as a base, and lots and lots of fruit.”

The farm, which is entirely ran by volunteers, were surprised by the response to the video. Siobhan added: “It has been really good, we’re quite a small farm and we depend heavily on volunteers to look after the 90 animals we have, that’s including all the chickens. So it’s great that people are interested in the animals.”

Social media users were quick to fawn over the adorable pig.

Sheena Riley wrote: “Somebody is enjoying that thoroughly. Looks like a hearty piggie smile to me.”

Liz Graham added: “Truly beautiful.”

Heather Hamilton joked: “Looks refreshing!”

While Karly Walters-Smith said simply: “Adorable.”

Kunekune pigs originally hail from New Zealand and were kept by the indigenous Maori people.

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