Joker sells pre-sugar tax Irn Bru can on Ebay for £5k, saying it was for Gerard Butler Oscars party


A SCOTS prankster is selling a pre-sugar tax can of Irn Bru on Ebay for £5,000, claiming it had one careful previous owner – Gerard Butler.

The can – on sale for 10,000 times its orginal price – is said to have been ordered by the actor for an Oscars after party.

The tongue-in-cheek listing, by “Jinnlew” from Kilwinning, North Ayrshire, boasts: “Gerard Butler pre-sugar tax original Barr’s Irn Bru.”

Purchasers have the option of a buy it now price of £5,000 or 24 handy instalments of £235.83, adding up to £5,659.92.

Fans of original recipe Irn Bru and the 300 actor have another 25 days to decide whether the can is a sound investment. Six potential buyers are currently “watching” the item.

A Scots prankster is selling the can of pre-sugar tax Irn Bru for £5,000

The listing, posted on March 14, states: “Specially commissioned by Gerard Butler, this is part of an eight-can collection he had specifically made for delivery to Hollywood to share after the Oscars.

“But an admin error sent it to Holyrood, and then after a private auction we managed to get our hands on this unique piece of Scottish history.”

The listing goes on: “Only two cans of the collection remain as Nicola Sturgeon drank the other six in a crazy all-night bender – in which she was heard making plans to march on Westminster and challenge Theresa May to a square go.”

The post also has two pictures of an original recipe Irn Bru, proudly displaying the 34g sugar content – and the red label stating the 330ml can contains 38% of an adult’s intake.

However, six people are supposedly “watching” the can, which has a best before date of June 2019.

The joker claimed the drink had been ordered by Gerard Butler for an Oscars after party

The sugar tax is set to come into force tomorrow (FRI) and will affect drinks that contain more than 5g of sugar per 100ml.

However, Irn Bru fanatics have already been stocking up on the precious “original” recipe ahead of the roll out of the new recipe, which uses artificial sweeteners.

The 48-year-old actor is a known fan of the famed fizzy soft drink, and has been spotted on occasion with the drink in Los Angeles.

AG Barr stopped making the original full-sugar version early last month ahead of the introduction of the new soft drinks sugar tax.

The move prompted a backlash with fans stockpiling Irn Bru ahead of the recipe change.

However, the firm reported an “encouraging” response to the drink’s new low-sugar recipe.