Moment dad hilariously snaps after seven years of anguish



A VIDEO shows the moment a long-suffering dad finally cracked after seven years of being wound up by his son and colleague.

For as long as Darren and Darryl McHardy, 47 and 27, have worked together as stonemasons in Elgin, Moray, Darryl has been constantly finding new ways to prank his old man.

Yesterday Darren finally snapped when his son, who is also a footballer for Elgin City, blasted ‘Teenage Dirtbag’ by Wheatus out of their work van and sang along, hilariously cutting it short, nipping him and barking “Shut the f up ya f* useless b**.”

Another priceless clip shows one of Darryl’s many pranks, hoisting his helpless dad up on the back of their pickup van as he clings on for dear life.

The defender posted the latest clip of his furious father on Twitter yesterday (WED) and wrote: “Well I don’t think my dad likes Teenage Dirtbag.”

Darryl sits in the van while blaring the popular American band’s tune out from the speakers. Darren gets in, prompting his son to get on his nerves by singing along heartily.

The elder of the bricklaying duo was having none of it and instantly shut his lad down, by reaching to grab his hand off the volume control, nipping it and bellowing: “Shut the f up ya f* useless b**.”

Darryl giggles but squeals in pain: “Ah ya b*, f* off.”

The post has been retweeted almost 100 times and attracted likes from almost 1,000 social media users.

Darren and his dad get on most of the time.

Ross McHardy wrote in reply: “Take it he’s no a happy boy today”, while many others responded with crying with laughter emojis.

The other clip explains why the father’s patience was wearing so thin.

As his dad tries to sweep up on the back of the van Darryl administers the winch, forcing him to desperately cling on to the back of the vehicle.

A poorless Darryl stands in hysterics and taunts Darren by asking: “Are you wanting it doon?”

Speaking today (THURS), Darryl said: “We’ve worked together for seven years and I wind him up daily. He’s starting to lose the head now though.

“I have different ways of winding him up, I’m always pranking him. It keeps work amusing and him on his toes.

“Like when he’s down repairing manholes I’ll leave him down there and video him for a bit until he’s screaming and shouting.”