Big whack and fries 2: crowd of 100 watch women savagely scrapping outside Irish McDonald’s


A SICKENING video shows two women in a savage street brawl ourtside a McDonald’s – watched by a crowd of 100 shoppers.

One of the women leaps at her victim, grabbing her hair and viciously pulling her to the ground before launching into a series of brutal kicks and punches to her head.

The pair scrapped for several minutes before any of the onlookers intervened and police said they appeared to have received no reports about the incident.

Just three months ago, another group of women were filmed fighting outside the same McDonald’s in Waterford, Ireland.

Robbie Coleman shared footage of the disturbing fight on Facebook with the caption: “It is ridiculous what goes on around this country.”

The video, which has now been viewed over 237,000 times, begins with three women arguing in the centre of Waterford.

With a McDonald’s visible in the background, the three women scream at each other in the middle of the street.

Two of the women, one a blonde wearing a black padded jacket with pink leggings and the other in jeans and a white jacket, run down the street shouting at the third woman.

Clad in a bright fuschia jacket and black jogging bottoms, the dark-haired woman seems to be arranging her shopping bags while the two women taunt her.

The woman in the black jacket then suddenly screams: “My son is in the ground because of you.”

The blonde then launches herself on top of the woman in the fuschia jacket and begins hitting her violently in the head.

The woman in pink then grabs the woman tightly by the hair, dragging her to the ground – as someone in the crowd baits the women, shouting: “Oh go on.”

The two collapse onto the ground, with the blonde still having a tight grip on the others hair – and begins kicking her in the head.

The third woman towers above the scrapping pair, shouting: “Go on Alice, go on Alice, go on.”

The two women

The dark-haired woman appears to be paralysed on the ground as the blonde continues to kick and punch her in the head.

As the dark-haired woman tries to pull her attackers arm away, the woman towering over them leans down to stop her.

Disturbed onlookers eventually decide to break up the fight – picking up the blonde by her arms and legs, dragging her away kicking and screaming.

As the blonde gets up, her companion in the white jacket begins shouting to the crowd: “Now, who wins, f****** who?”

As the clip ends the blonde woman can be heard saying: “You wouldn’t last 60 minutes.”

Another witness to the bizarre fight, who wished to remain anonymous, said today: “I’m not sure how it started but I remember one of the two girls saying ‘my son is in the ground because of you’ or something along the lines of that.

“There were about 50 to 100 people watching. Everyone watched for about a minute and then broke it up.

“The woman that got attacked had a bloody nose, and the women that attacked started walking around saying things like ‘who won’ and ‘what did you all think of that?’

“You know like just trying to please the crowd. Then they both went about their business.”

The fight took place in a busy pedestrianised area of Waterford, Ireland

On social media, Jennifer Lawless said: “Jesus f****** Christ.”

Adam Cantwell commented: “Classy. The kind of women you’d bring home and introduce to your mother.”

Dean Walker added: “F****** embarrassing.”

Kathleen Farrar said simply: “Unbelievable.”

While Paul Gavin asked: “Why is it always outside a McDonald’s?”

A spokesman for the Garda said: “There is no assault incident matching these details on record for that day. Perhaps no complaint was made to Gardaí.”

In January this year two women were filmed embroiled in a savage street brawl on the same Irish shopping street.

Passers-by desperately attempted to break up the pair who were punching, biting and pulling each other’s hair as others were heard chanting “f** kill her”.

A child, thought to be about three-years-old, stood close by as the women lay locked together on the ground with onlookers trying to break them apart.