Sainsbury’s customer “traumatised” after finding giant dead moth “staring” at her from inside pot


A TRAUMATISED office worker has posted pictures of a giant moth she found “staring” at her from inside her Sainsbury’s spinach and egg pot.

Emily Young says she cannot get out of her head the image of the lifeless insect’s “little eyes” looking at her from inside its plastic tomb.

The critter – dubbed Monty the Moth by Emily – was partially embedded in the hard-boiled egg that made up part of her £1.50 lunch.

The 20-year-old’s colleagues had to hide the deceased insect from her because she was so “creeped out”.

Emily, from Milton Keynes, Bucks, has blasted quality control at the supermarket, who said today they were investigating the incident with their suppliers.

Emily found the moth “staring” at her in her lunch

The service support advisor bought the pot from her local Milton Keynes store, and posted to their Facebook page: “Dear Sainsbury’s, I am writing to you on this not-so-pleasant Tuesday afternoon in regards to your spinach and egg pot.

“Today I arrived at work after my lunch break, ready to give this healthy stuff a go, and to my surprise, found Monty the moth had already beaten me to it.”

She added: “Now I admit I am not partial to liking the furry insect when it’s flapping about, but seeing monty squished against the egg I was about to eat, was not great either and I am in fact a little traumatised.

“I am confused about a few things. How did a moth get in a sealed pot? Was this packaged like this and not checked? Do moths eat eggs? And why your team think the £1.50 refund you offered was liable after my pure trauma?”

Emily told the firm she is now scared to buy any fruit or vegetables from them in case she sees “Colin the caterpillar (not the good chocolate kind) or Sally the centipede eating my strawberries”.

“Jokes aside,” she added, “I cannot get his little eyes staring at me from the side of the pot out of my head and have been majorly put off of your stores.”

The 20-year-old was horrified by her discovery and asked a co-worker to hide the spinach pot from her

Speaking today, Emily added: “It was embedded in the egg and I could just see it’s little eyes on me. I only realised the moth was there when I had gotten back to work and was looking at the label.

“As soon as I saw it I was honestly disgusted and complained to Sainsbury’s straight away.

“What made it worse was that it was completely sealed, so it’s not like it made its way in after being packaged. My colleague had to hide it from me because it creeped me out so much.

“I don’t like them when they’re alive let alone on my food it shows such a lack of quality control.”

On social media, Lauren Young said: “That is actually vile.”

Emma Canary Carey added: “You wouldn’t get this with a Big Mac Emily.”

Pete Danielewicz wrote: “Mmmm extra protein.”

Bonita Sophie Merritt joked: “This is why we shouldn’t be healthy.”

And Becki Thorneycroft commented: “Omg that’s vile, and it’s not like it’s a tiny moth that could be missed either. It’s right there squished against the side of the pot.”

A spokesman for Sainsbury’s said: “Incidents like this are very rare and our suppliers have strict controls in place to prevent this from happening. We’ve apologised to Emily and are investigating.”