Scots grandad, 75, enjoys “Sunday beers” before doing Mexican dance for tourists outside home


HILARIOUS video shows a sombrero-wearing Scots grandad “Mexican dancing” at a tourist hotspot following a few “Sunday beers”.

Showing little evidence of his 75 years, Raymond Cameron pulls off an extravagant set of moves as bemused visitors stroll through the old fishing village where he lives.

Raymond had enjoyed a few drinks and was sorting through his shed when, for reasons that remain unclear, he found a sombrero.

The ex-fisherman and retired taxi driver, has a love of dancing and couldn’t stop himself from putting on a show for passing tourists to the sounds of ‘El Jarabe Tapatio’ – The Mexican Hat Dance.

Raymond lives with his wife Margaret in Footdee, locally known as ‘fittie’, an old fishing village at the east end of the harbour in Aberdeen city centre.

In the colourful community, the cottages all face inwards in squares with their backs to the ocean to protect them and their inhabitants from the fierce storms raging in from the North sea.

The grandad of three donned the black and white decorated mexican hat and took to the streets to shake his hips to the classic Mexican tune.

His moustache added to his character as he tapped his feet in time with the obviously familiar music.

He can be seen walking out of a garden amongst passing-by tourists on a Sunday stroll.

There are a few double-takes as Raymond twirls and makes dramatic gestures in time with the mexican music.

He walks backwards up and down the pedestrian street, spreading out his arms as he dances.

Raymond regularly likes to show off his dance moves and still cycles for an hour each day.

As the music slows, so does he, swaying and dipping his hat towards the camera, he is obviously enjoying giving his performance.

At the end of the clip he raises his hat and points towards his bald head before his big finish on the last beat of the song when he crosses his arms and stretches them out wide as if to say ‘that’s a wrap’.

Raymond and wife Margaret have lived in Footdee for over 15 years.


The video, filmed by his grandson Lewis, 13, was posted on Facebook on Sunday evening to the towns group ‘Fittie folk’ by granddaughter, Gabriella.

She wrote: “Grandads has some Sunday beers” and called him “Fittie’s finest”.

Other town members also enjoyed her grandad’s dancing, voicing their approval in the comments.

Daughter, Carolann Desborough, wrote: “Go on Dad.” and a kiss emoji.

Donna Dugan wrote: “Haha, putting on a show for the tourists.” and two laughing emojis.

Bob-Carol Weeden wrote: “Love it.” and two laughing emojis.”

Joan Bursa wrote: “Brilliant I would have joined in with him”

Kay McKenzie wrote: “Sitting watching your clip with a cuppa with a BIG smile. A great start to a Monday morning.”

Speaking today, Gabriella, 33, said: “The video was filmed by my brother Lewis and he and his grandad were sorting through the shed and because our grandad loves dancing he grabbed the Mexican hat and decided to start dancing.

“The music was playing off of Lewis’ speaker in the garden.

“He had the sombrero from a family holiday to Mexico for Christmas 2012.

“My grandad always does things like this. He’s always showing off, dancing is his favourite.

“Even at 75 he does at least one hour on his exercise bike every day.”