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Adorable moment rescued lamb tries to headbutt its new best pal – a bulldog

ADORABLE video shows a newborn lamb rejected by her mother headbutting her new best friend – a fully-grown bulldog.

The fearless lamb, called Daisy, is only half the size of her canine companion but that doesn’t stop her picking a fight.

Daisy tries the same trick with another of her pals, a pug called Hattie, at the home they share in Ambleside, Cumbria.

Owner Tracy Chapman explained that Daisy does this all the time and “might think she’s a dog or something”.

Daisy was abandoned when she couldn’t feed from her mother properly, and was taken in by Tracy, 58, who has a menagerie of rescued animals at her home in the Lake District town.

Tracy captured the heart-swelling moment on camera and shared the clip on Facebook, with the tongue-in-cheek caption: “Beware the sheep in the Lake District have turned nasty, keep your dogs on leads or Daisy will will kill.”

The clip begins with Daisy the lamb and two bulldogs, including Matilda, in a patio area.

Daisy runs head first towards bulldog Matilda. The lamb can be seen backing up from the dogs and leaping forward at them in a loveable attempt at a headbutt.

Daisy takes a quick break to look at Tracy who is filming – then suddenly begins charging at Matilda again.

The bulldog remains unphased, and just stands there as the lamb continues to instigate a fight.

The bulldog remains unphased by Daisy the Lamb

At one stage, Tracy’s pug Hattie appears in the frame and Daisy spots her and begins to hop towards her.

The bulldog follows Daisy – who continues to launch an attack on a weary but placid Matilda.

Speaking today, Tracy said: “She’s started doing it all the time, I don’t know if she thinks she’s a dog or not.

“Daisy was a triplet that had feeding problems and just couldn’t feed from her mum, and the mum wasn’t interested in her either.

Tracy with her two furry friends.

“So I got her when she was two days old. Winnie and Matilda and accept anything that comes into the house as we often get orphaned animals in our house – including a chick, ducks and a few lambs.”

On social media, Andrea Latham said: “Aww so cute, such a little toughnut taking on the bulldog.”

Mary Carroll added: “She just wants a little cuddle.”

Dave Calvert joked: “It was only a matter of time before they start fighting back. They’ll be arming themselves with flick knives next.”

And Mah Gower said simply: “That was beautiful.”

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