Handbags in Hull – men ridiculed for feeble road rage fight


TWO men who got into a “handbag” fight in Hull have been ridiculed online as a “pair of princesses”.

The pair got out of their cars whilst sitting at a red light after one of them is thought to have pulled in front of the other.

The two men, both wearing shirts and smart trousers, can be seen slapping and pushing each other in the city, which once boasted legendary brawler John Prescott among its MPs.

Stevie Connell, 33, from Hull, posted the clip on Facebook yesterday where the clip has now been viewed over 36,000 times.

The incident took place on Monday around 7:30am, at Myton Street Roundabout when commuters were on their way to work.

At the beginning the two men can be seen having a heated exchange with both their hands locked trying to push the other over with their weight.

They pull and push each other in this manner, twisting each other’s arms and eventually one of them actually starts tugging on the other’s clothes.

It seems as if all is over when the man who has stopped behind tries to get back in his car.

Seeing this, the other brawler rolls up the sleeves of his shirt and re-approaches his rival.

But then the two of them stand on either side of the open car door and begin trying to slap each others faces – and then proceed to slapping their hands together.

One of them then puts his firsts up as if preparing for things to get more serious – but they are quickly redrawn as he seems to rethink this.

Other Facebook users who were amused by the clip comments on the chosen fighting techniques of the two men.

Fay Brant wrote: “I thought they were flirting at first.”

Adam Bates asked: Is this how you scrap in Hull?

Tara Jade wrote: “Haha it cheered me right up that my one year old niece can throw a better one.”

Alexandra Greenwood wrote: “What even was that? Pair of princesses.”

Helen Wheal Mcleod wrote: “Where’s there handbags? if your going to fight, do it probably not slap and push.”

The two men were ridiculed online as a “pair of princesses”

Lisa Jayne Brown wrote: “Slap and tickle.

Samirah Al-rubai called it: “Hulls most ruthless fight in history.”

Other users noted that the roundabout where the incident took place was a hotspot for lane confusion.

Zara Hull wrote: “The lane to the icea arena isn’t marked very well. You don’t know whether to be on the left or right till the last minute.”

Speaking today Stevie said: “I work for whites skip hire. So I was going to north cave to drop one off on Monday morning when I saw this.

“I think what happened was that the car in front pulled in front of the car which was behind in the video.

“I couldn’t hear anything because I was in my van and it was quite loud in there.

“It’s quite embarrassing for them I think. I’m suprised it went so viral. I knew people would laugh about it, but not as much as they have.”

Then Deputy Prime Minister, John Prescott famously became known as ‘Two Jabs’ after punching a protester in the town, who threw an egg at him.

The legendary brawler was Hull East MP for Labour for 40 years.