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Incredible moment motorist attacks bus lane camera car – and then has fight with driver

INCREDIBLE video shows an enraged motorist attacking a bus lane camera car – before having a punch-up with the driver.

The man is seen climbing over the white Toyota, caving in the windscreen, and trying to break the camera.

Another clip shows the driver of the vehicle fight back and a vicious brawl ensues between the pair.

The footage was captured by onlooker Ryan Burns on the Falls Road, Belfast, yesterday.

He uploaded it to Facebook, captioning it: “Oh West Belfast is wonderful.”

In the first clip the attacker, dressed sharply in a shirt and smart shoes clambers over the camera car, with his shirt pulled over his face to hide his identity.

The windscreen already appears to have taken a pelting and he stamps on it a further two times before climbing up on the roof.

He walks to the back of the vehicle where the camera is positioned and begins to fiddle with it, appearing to try and snap it off.

On his way back down, he stamps one more time on the windscreen.

But the camera car driver decided not to stand for the aggression and Ryan took further video which showed the pair embroiled in a ruckus.

A large group of onlookers has now gathered and a shocked female voice can be heard saying: “Oh my god” as the camera pans round to see the two men grappling.

The camera operator, much taller than his assailant, lands a punch on his head.

They continue to aim haymakers at each other as a bald man in a blue polo shirt steps forward to try and separate them, but after failing to get them to stop he moves out of the way.

More punches are thrown before the taller man decides he’s had enough and rugby tackles his nemesis to the ground.

He pins him down as the blue shirted man and another step in again and the filming ends.

The enraged motorist attacked the bus lane camera car

Social media reacted with disbelief and some praised the worker for standing up for himself.

Gary Gray said: “Getting to empty that p** is worth getting sacked over. Although he should get a promotion in my opinion.”

Robert Beattie said: “F****** right to get out and knock the little p***k out. Is it really worth smashing the window it’s not gonna make the cameras go away.”

Another user said: “Fair play to your man for getting out and getting into him. That’s his job lost and your man that done it probably doesn’t even work.”

Diane Sloan said: “That’s mental.”


Police have confirmed that investigations are ongoing in an attempt to trace the attacker.

A spokesman for the Police Service of Northern Ireland said: “Police in west Belfast are investigating a report of criminal damage and assault following an incident on the Falls Road on Tuesday April 17.

“It was reported that damage was caused to the bonnet, roof and windscreen of a car, and a man and woman assaulted, by an unknown male at around 4pm. Efforts are ongoing to identify the male involved.

“Officers would ask anyone who witnessed this incident or who has any information which could assist with their enquiries to contact police at Woodbourne on 101 quoting reference number 838 17/04/18. Alternatively, information can also be provided to the independent charity Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111 which is 100% anonymous and gives people the power to speak up and stop crime.”

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