Ocado launch investigation into delivery driver after clip shows “near suicidal” overtake of HGV


OCADO have launched an investigation after shocking footage showed a delivery van driver dangerously overtake an HGV at up to 70mph.

The vehicle narrowly avoids a head-on smash as it squeezes past the lorry on a road in Cambridgeshire.

The lorry dashcam indicates the HGV was doing about 54mph on the 60mph road as the Ocado van raced past.

The distance the van then puts between itself and the lorry suggests it could be travelling between 65 – 70mph.

Driver Barry Harwood caught the incident on the April 7 on the A141 Heath Road, near Warboys, at 6.20am.

An oncoming jeep can be seen in the right lane fast approaching and the driver flashes the Ocado driver as the two vehicles quickly approach each other nose-to-nose.

At the last minute the Ocado driver swerves in front of the dash cam driver, narrowly avoiding a collision with jeep.

The jeep is obviously worried about the distance between the two vehicles.

The clip shows that the driver is still inside the right lane split seconds before the jeep safely passes the dash cam driver.

The company van drives on, bearing a customer review which reads: “Best service I’ve ever had and I’ve shopped online for years. Recommending you to everyone.”

The driver is still bordering the lane split seconds before the jeep passes.

A spokesman for Road safety campaign site SWD Media, who obtained the footage, said: “We have seen some dangerous and stupid manoeuvres before but this is up there for sure.

“To not only overtake directly in to the path of oncoming vehicles is borderline suicidal.

“It’s reassuring that Ocado are going to investigate this however it might take more than just training.

“Delivery drivers work to tight schedules and it is up to employers to relieve the pressure that can cause drivers to make incorrect and dangerous decisions behind the wheel.”

Steve Horton, Director of Communications at Road Safety GB said: “This looks like a very straight stretch of what seems like a national speed limit road, which could mean vehicle closing speeds of 120mph. –

“Not only do things happen very quickly at those speeds but it makes it hard for any driver to assess the situation and react appropriately.

“This also means a potential head-on impact speed of 120mph; any such crash would have had serious, life threatening consequences for all involved.

“The fact that the company are investigating is a good thing as they will ultimately have a high level of influence on how their drivers act on our roads.”

An Ocado spokeswoman said: “Road safety is a top priority of ours so we do take issues like this seriously.

“We recruit drivers with high driving standards and then take time to train them extensively on road safety and awareness.

“We are investigating this with our management team to ensure this is dealt with accordingly.”