Sunday, July 3, 2022
NewsAmazed Scots butcher finds egg within another egg

Amazed Scots butcher finds egg within another egg

AN amazing video shows a Scottish butcher empty a huge egg – revealing another complete egg inside.

The remarkable clip shows the first chicken egg, which has already had the top removed, with the yolk and white still inside.

Chris Hall then empties out the contents, revealing a normal-sized egg with a complete shell inside.

The 35-year-old owner of Bannerman Butcher in Inverbervie, Aberdeenshire, posted the clip on Facebook page writing: “You’ve maybe heard of our double yolk eggs, but have you ever seen an egg with an egg?”

Chris said today: “We cracked open an egg this morning and found this one.”

“Even though we’ve heard of it happening this is the first time I’ve seen it.

Chris with Mum Pauline who helps run the award winning butchers.

“We get eggs in from our suppliers that are either too big or too small for the supermarket to take in so we are used to double yolkers or even triple yolkers but this was unusual.”

Social media users unleashed a stream of egg-related puns, including a Facebook user “WH Smith” who wrote: “You must be yoking.”

And Gordon Elliot wrote: “Egg-cellent.”

Claire Gray wrote: “That beats any double yolker we have ever had.”

Stephen Mclaughlin added: “I feel sorry for the hen that pushed that oot.”

The phenomenon is caused by an occurrence known as a counter-peristalsis contraction, when a hen in the process of forming an egg in her oviduct, releases another ovum or egg cell too soon.

It’s thought that a shock, or stress can causes a contraction, forcing the first egg to reverse its course.

This means that the first egg is added to the second eggs cell, which then travels down and is covered in a shell, creating a giant egg around the first one.

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